SKY IT Solutions: The Height of Technology Service


By Krystal Krenek

Esteban Mejia is the owner of Sky IT Solutions, a one-stop-shop for all of your company’s technology needs.  For everything from the physical installation of computer networking hardware to the configuration of software to the consulting and mediation services that follow, Sky IT Solutions is ready and willing to serve your company.

Mejia has a team of 3 full time employees fit to handle extensively large jobs, serving their 50+ commercial customers that have anywhere from 1 to 300 employees.  Those technicians hand-selected by Mejia are well educated, having at minimum an associate’s degree in the Information Technology field, along with a dedication, commitment, and scope of experience that makes them qualified for the tasks at hand.  Gamaliel Hernandez, Hugo Parodi, and Rita Quintana are Mejia’s go-to experts.

“I am very appreciative of their hard work and dedication, and I realize that our company could not be what it is without them.  And for that, I am very grateful,” Mejia expresses.

Each technician is committed to the company and shares both Mejia’s vision and mission for the field he set out years ago to pursue.  There is what he describes as a “synergy” between them, as Mejia holds bi-weekly meetings to discuss jobs, trends, and hot topics.  They remove that competitive barrier and instead glean from their collective body of knowledge, experience, and tricks-of-the-trade in order to provide top quality service.

“I believe that speaks volumes for how we run our business,” Mejia states.

His structured, efficient internal approach to his business benefits customers by keeping his team in the loop about the specifics of every job.  He created a computer program in which they compile notes from each job, so any technician can step in, review the documentation, and pick up where his partner left off on the previous visit.  This is an enhanced benefit to companies with more than one office, as Sky IT Solutions’ quick service can cover the full geographic region of the Valley with consistent service.

Mejia has a saying: “If you see your IT person often, then you have a problem.”  He feels you should see a technician when they install, add, upgrade, or modify hardware and software.  And he wants to give his clients the best deal possible.  He considers his full IT service company the “best bang for your buck” with service provided on a regular basis at competitive rates.  His resources are not limited to just what he can provide from his office; Mejia has local and national contacts with Dell, HP, Cisco, and other vendors, so he can provide you with the right equipment at the right price.  He knows he brings a lot to the table with a hard to match price and a wide range of services

He does not feel that they are perceived as just a computer repair shop.  Their proactive approach of going to the customer and meeting their complete technical needs goes beyond what a one-man contract worker situation provides.  Mejia also feels that his company is not one to reach a capacity of service; on the contrary, Sky IT Solutions is fit to continue their pattern of growth and take on more clientele and provide them with the utmost service, skills, and knowledge with an image of quality and professionalism.  Mejia is proud of the close relationships that he develops with his customers, and it shows.  The Sky IT Solutions team is pleased to announce they just celebrated their eighth anniversary in May.

Sky It Solutions supports six charter high schools here in the Valley and five additional schools across Texas remotely.  It also runs the gamut of working with other commercial businesses, including retail locations, doctors’ clinics, home health agencies, import and export businesses, lawyers, dentists, car dealerships, auto body shops, accountants, restoration companies, produce businesses, and Durable Medical Equipment suppliers.  Your company could be next to join the list of satisfied customers.

Esteban Mejia grew up in Mercedes and is a 1995 graduate of Mercedes High School.  Computers have always been his thing.  At the age of 12, he bought a Commodore 64 computer at a garage sale and got his first introduction to computer programming.  He served six years of active duty in the military and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University while living in Shreveport before returning home to the Valley in 2003.  His organizational skills, military training, and education formalized the idea behind his structured, streamlined business venture.

If your company has an interest in learning about the up-and-coming technology, needs help meeting deadlines for state and federal requirements, or worries about your technology needs or the latest software, Mejia suggests that you have one of his IT technicians come in and access your needs and see just what his company has to offer you with their professional, diverse IT skill sets.

Mejia is in the process of hiring additional technicians as he looks to expand into the Harlingen and Brownsville areas.  His current locations are at 311 S. Missouri in Weslaco and 914 N. Main Street in McAllen.  For more information, visit their website at  To schedule a consultation, call their main line at 956.969.5855.