Esteban Mejia isn’t only serving the community of the Rio Grande Valley, he’s also serving his country. In fact, at the time of publication, Mejia is currently serving with his Air Force Reserve unit in the Middle East. So how does someone run a thriving information technology business when they’re not even in the country?


Mejia first went into active duty in 1996 and continued to serve until 2002. While still in the military, he attended Louisiana Tech to pursue a degree in IT Information Systems. During that time, he decided he wanted to implement his talents locally, but he needed to take a few more steps to make that happen. With $100 in hand, he registered his business name and began selling his services door to door. Eighteen years later, he has multiple employees and numerous customers in the RGV.

SKY IT is a firmly established information technology company that offers a wide range of technology products and services. 

“We bring proven, cost-efficient solutions in the areas of networking, security, video surveillance, telephone communications, and wireless technologies,” Mejia said. 

He has worked with local, state, and federal government agencies as well as health, dental, education, small business, and corporate entities. The times are ever-changing, as is the technology that comes along with it. 

“In this business, it’s our job to stay current with technology,” Mejia said. 


SKY IT doesn’t stop there. Five years ago, Esteban launched a sister company, Sky Comm Broadband Services, which offers broadband internet services in Weslaco, Progreso, Santa Maria, and San Juan. Are you tired of dealing with large companies who take forever to answer your calls over the phone and that treat you like a number rather than a valued, human customer? Sky Comm Broadband Services might be the route for you. 

The main benefit of working with SKY IT and Sky Comm Broadband Services is that you will be working with local professionals. They understand the specific needs and challenges found in the Rio Grande Valley and offer a familiar and family-like courteousness in all of their business dealings. In other words, this is an organization that you would feel safe referring your abuelos to.

“The RGV is a close-knit community, and we must stick together,” Mejia adds. His business has found success due to this personal customer care.


Mejia credits his training, skillset, and mentors from his 25 years of service in the U.S. Air Force Reserves for shaping his direction in life. 

“The Air Force has served as an incredible foundation for cultivating diligence and discipline,” he said. 

He also finds purpose in training and shaping younger people into successful leaders. Luckily, the army keeps this passion alive on a daily basis, as Mejia is a master sergeant in the 433rd Logistics Readiness Squadron. 

“My goal is to give back and to mentor like others have done for me,” he said. “That’s why I stay in.”

Mejia elaborated about how he was able to achieve these goals while facing down difficulties both personal and professional. 

“There have been many challenges, but each one is a learning experience,” he said. “Having a strong team is the key to avoiding and overcoming burnout.” 

While Mejia is off serving his country, he relies on his team to help with in-person services and installations. However, he can still be accessed even from halfway across the world.

This veteran-owned business is experienced, established, and trustworthy. Even still, he has plans for growing the company. 

Learn more about SKY IT at For more about To inquire more broadband services, visit or call Diana Palomo at (956) 969-5855.

Katie Goodman