Smiles for Days


If you’ve ever walked into any Rodeo Dental office, you’ll notice that the environment is typically a vibrant, colorful one. While one of the main goals is to make it appealing for children the minute they set foot through the doors, many people don’t realize that Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics also caters to the entire family — including adults.

“Here at Rodeo, we provide a lot of different services,” said Dr. Adam Carson, DMD. “We cover everything under general dentistry and we have an in-house group of specialists that can provide specialist care and minimize the need to go anywhere else.”

Though cavities are the main issue pediatric dentists treat on a day-to-day basis, adults with a full set of teeth may experience other concerns. Tooth decay is not uncommon among the general population, and requires special treatment or procedures such as implants, crowns, or root canals.

One thing the team members at Rodeo Dental all have in common is the pride they take in patients leaving their facilities with a smile. Every patient who walks through those doors in need of cosmetic dental care walks out with genuine gratitude. Part of that is due to the level of care they receive.

A smile truly is everything.

It embodies an individual’s confidence, composure, and even persona at times — and the staff at Rodeo Dental understands that in full.

“When a patient comes in and we are able to fix their smile after they’re missing their two front teeth, it’s priceless,” said registered dental assistant Ivette Ibanez. “They just walk out of here so grateful —  Dr. Carson is amazing. He takes his time with his work and [patients] notice it.”

“I come here to Rodeo Dental because of how they treat me,” said Natalia Rocillo, a Rodeo Dental patient. “They always explain the procedures and what they will be doing so I always feel comfortable with the staff and the doctors here.”

Though she is a new patient, Rocillo is excited to bring her 6-month-old to Rodeo Dental for a check-up.

Carson takes pride in treating patients, restoring their smiles, and transforming their overall confidence. He is proud to be a part of a team that goes out of their way to make each patient feel comfortable. They are dedicated to making people feel their best.

Sometimes, patients think their tooth is not salvageable, says registered dental assistant Erika Cavazos.

“My favorite part about cosmetic dentistry is when patients realize their tooth can be saved after they come in thinking they need an extraction,” she said. “In reality, we can save your tooth and make it into a big, beautiful crown through crown prepping, making the crown look the same as your natural teeth.”

Rodeo team members realize the role a smile plays in the way patients feel about their appearance. Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics patients may also receive dental services such as crowns, bridges, fillings, braces, root canals, extractions, removable prosthetics, and implants, among others.

Aside from the wide range of services offered, patients feel welcome by the staff and continue to return to Rodeo Dental for follow-ups.

Booking dentist appointments for your entire family has never been easier — everyone can receive dental care under the same roof and walk out knowing the team at Rodeo Dental is hard at work in reconstructing your smiles.

Registered dental assistant Arnulfo Gonzalez says his favorite part about working at Rodeo Dental is playing a role in the reconstruction process of a smile.

“It is the most amazing feeling to get that all treated and fixing that bright smile,” Gonzalez said. “You know it just changes their lives — they gain so much confidence and it’s really the best feeling in the world for me.”

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