Start Living the Life you Want!

Norma Gonzalez

Norma Gonzalez had enjoyed being active when suddenly all of that changed. She had an accident at work and broke her ankle. With her mobility significantly limited, her weight started to creep. She was shocked as it crept higher and higher – eventually, Norma gained 80 pounds. She struggled to lose the weight even after her ankle had healed, despite efforts she made to diet and exercise. She felt herself losing hope. However, she remembered that weight-loss surgery has made strides in recent years and has become safer and more affordable. She decided to start exploring options for dramatic weight-loss at the Valley Care Clinics Weight Loss Surgery Center.

With support and direction from the staff at Valley Care Clinics Weight Loss Surgery Center, Norma learned about various approaches to weight-loss that included surgical and non-surgical methods. After considering the options, Norma decided to have gastric sleeve surgery and has never looked back. “It was a life-changing surgery for me,” says Norma. “I hit the gym and said, ‘I am not going to waste any more time!’”

Today, Norma is back to enjoying her favorite activities, and truly living the lifestyle she values so much. It’s a new chapter for her from here on out. 

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