Stress: The Silent Killer


Growing up, Dr. Pablo Tagle III does not remember taking any medicines, pills, or antibiotics.  But he sure remembers visiting his chiropractor.  His passion for sports often resulted in injuries, bruises, and muscle pain.  “Every time I would get hurt, my mom would take me to the chiropractor, and he would adjust me so that I could get back to sports.”

His long talks and successful visits with his chiropractor definitely left an impression on Tagle.  After graduating from Sharyland High School, Dr. Tagle knew that he wanted to pursue a profession where he could also help people achieve wellness in their lives.  Although he considered other fields of medicine, he felt that becoming a chiropractor was the only profession that would honor his personal philosophy, beliefs, and lifestyle.  “I feel that chiropractic chose me as my profession, because it coincided exactly with what I believed about my body,” says Dr. Tagle.  “My philosophy is about trying to heal the body naturally and removing interference so the body will heal itself.”

Dr. Tagle is a firm believer that health problems are often a combination of many different physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors, and an effective treatment has to address all of these areas.  Many of his patients present with chronic conditions that don’t seem to respond to other forms of treatment.  Most of these problems are often related to stress and poor posture.  One of his most common presenting problems, chronic tension headaches, is almost always caused by a combination of these two.  Taking medication for stress-related conditions like this one will only relieve the symptoms temporarily without getting to the root cause of the problem.  This is why he treats patients with a combination that will address all of the underlying factors.

“A treatment for someone that has chronic tension headaches would start by figuring out what their spine looks like.  It is very common to find that these patients usually have a forward head posture, meaning their head posture leans a little more forward than the normal patient, which causes an increase in the muscle tension in the back of the neck, which causes tension headaches,” says Dr. Tagle.  “We need to get their spine adjusted correctly to alleviate some of the pressure, recommend therapeutic exercises to help them stretch out those muscles, and exercises that will teach them proper posture, along with massage therapy.  We would probably also recommend some other natural vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help them lower their body’s stress and cortisol levels.”

Many patients visiting the Dr. Pablo Tagle III Wellness Center already spent thousands of dollars on testing and ineffective treatments.  What they often fail to realize is that the culprit behind their health conditions is the constant stress they are exposed to on a daily basis.  “Some people overlook how much stress affects the body without you really knowing it.  It is called the ‘silent killer’ because it is part of life, and it depends on how proactive you are to try and keep your body as healthy  as possible,” says Dr. Tagle.




In a world where stress has become the “global epidemic” to which no one is immune, it is important to address its huge role in illness and chronic medical conditions.  Treating symptoms and taking medications may relieve the problem temporarily, but lingering stress will continue causing medical problems.  Dr. Pablo Tagle III fully understands how detrimental stress can be to our health and uses treatments that work on decreasing its impact on our daily lives as a way to improve current conditions and prevent future ones.