Style and Substance


Closet Couture stylist featured client;

Name: Lorain Keath
Profession: Teacher for 10years. Currently teaching at St. Albans Episcopal School 1st grade
Lifestyle: Amazing wife & mother of 2 enjoys family time, fishing, working out and reading books. She especially loves Vince Flynn series.

Lorain is looking avant-garde in a symphony of melodramatic silver, grey & specs of black infused together mid waist blazer. Her victorian inspired white silk ruffled blouse adds texture and a luxurious silhouette to her blazer.  The ever so versatile dark denim adds an eclectic charm & chic’ look. Burnt orange tones of super-radiant necklaces fused methodically with mixes of bronze metallic  & natural browns necklaces amplify the look for this fall inspired ensemble.

Lorain’s second look consists of deep violet shades of purple resonating soft lavender shades of color adding exuberance & royal-like glamour. Her accessories influenced by natural colors of the earth give an alluring appeal.

Lorain’s third look is inspired by fall’s nostalgia of leopard print & yet more dark deep shades of fall’s colors all abundant in nature. Her ruffle textured -cardigan adds sophistication, equilibrium and charm.

Closet couture stylist featured client;

Name: Emma Kate Manning

Profession: Student top 4% of her class, National Honor Society, class treasurer (3yrs)

Lifestyle: Science club, FCA, Youth Leadership Harlingen. Varsity cheerleader & UCA All-American. Active member & acolyte at St. Albans Episcopal Church.

Emma Kate is prevailing trendy chic’ wearing fall’s midnight blue tones in an electric navy tie waisted blue blouse and dark skinny jeans. Emma’s accessory is a bead jeweled necklace releasing bold confident colors of blues intertwined with shades of green and orange jewels accents.

Emma’s second look is unsurpassed & inspired by fall’s youthful runways elevating the trend of back to school splendid vivacity! The light toned grey blazer adds power and exuberance to her electric blue ruffle accented flowy blouse. Emma’s ensemble is accompanied by one of fall’s most popular accessories, the ever so ultra chic’ super versatile scarf. Fall’s grey tones infused with silhouettes of bold flowers make the “scarf movement” a must have for back to fall fashion.

This Back to Fall article is dedicated to all the Teachers in appreciation for their importance in being magnificent contributors to our community in making a difference in the lives of our children.