Teach for America Represents a Thriving Tenant at CEED Building

When business owners are first assessing their company’s headquarters, location is a big consideration. Will the office be convenient and accessible for customers and employees alike? Does it fulfill the space needs for the company?

One consideration most business owners won’t think about — though maybe they should — is what other businesses are physically in the location and how they can help.

With the Center for Education and Economic Development in Mission, flexible spaces and creative collaboration are just a few of the building’s co-working perks.

Just ask Jon Stevens, managing director of development and strategy at Teach for America-Rio Grande Valley.

“For my work at Teach for America, we’re focused on making sure that all kids here in the region have an excellent education, and to do so takes a lot of partners,” Stevens said. “It is great to be in the same building as organizations that are also developing an educated community, an educated workforce, and growing businesses here in the community. That aligns a lot with the mission at Teach for America.”

Teach for America-RGV is headquartered in the CEED building, a 55,000-square-foot facility that houses a number of business tenants and individual members. The spaces available inside CEED range from private offices for business tenants to a wealth of public seating options for other members. Part of the co-working atmosphere stems from shared resources, including a lecture hall, smart classrooms, conference rooms, and more.

“For someone who hasn’t been to the building, CEED is likely a new type of workplace,” Stevens said. “It’s a workplace where there are many different people and many different organizations but who all are shared in the fact that they are focused on growing Mission, growing the local community through education, through business, through technology, and doing so in a more collaborative, modern environment.”

The primary goal of CEED, managed by Mission EDC, is to create an entrepreneurial, science, technology, engineering, art, and math environment to benefit businesses and the workforce in Mission and beyond.

“We were one of the first tenants — now over two years ago,” Stevens said. “Once we had heard about this vision as it was being formed, we thought that this type of space — both the functionality of the space would benefit the needs that we had, but also the synergy, the creativity, the collaboration that would happen in a space like this. We felt like it aligned a lot with our culture at Teach for America.”

That kind of flexibility and collaboration among different people is exactly what the CEED building was designed for.

“One benefit of being in the building is I’ve been able to meet and connect with people who otherwise I might not have come into contact with,” Stevens said.

Those connections can pay off in multiple ways.

“One of the other tenants that was here right from the beginning was RGVision, who puts out a magazine,” Stevens said. “They also are a marketing communications firm and we had worked with them on a couple of different events in the past and we’ve continue to work with them.”

A recent event included a September business mixer honoring an education leader that also raised funds for Teach for America.

Additional collaborations between Teach for America and other business tenants at CEED have included training opportunities for both Teach for America educators and students. Stevens says he learned more about current workforce demands, shaping teacher training and the specific education children are getting to become better trained, more competitive workers.

These collaborations might not have seen fruition without Teach for America’s location in the CEED building.

“I think if you have a need for a flexible workspace, if you are open to being in a creative modern space, and you are an organization that is committed to improving the education in our community, to building small businesses, and to being on the cutting edge on technology so our community can thrive, then I think that CEED is the place for you,” Stevens said.

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Learn more about the CEED building at or on Facebook @CEEDbuilding. For more information about Teach for America, visit or on Facebook @teachforamericargv.