Sylvan is an Ally in Education


Like never before, almost every school district in the Rio Grande Valley is progressively spending more on local marketing and targeted advertising to keep students enrolled in their ISD. So what are schools doing to retain their student population?

For the most part, schools are adding extra courses that will help students achieve their academic goals like tutoring and prep courses — including programs that will ignite students’ imagination or even attract them to a new field of study unknown to them.

With federal, state, and local governments providing numerous routes to help fund supplemental educational programs, many schools are adding Sylvan Learning to enrich and advance their students through academics.

Why Sylvan?

Sylvan uses a data-driven instructional model that allows for customization of academic programs. These effective models and programs are backed by scientific research to ensure the best quality. This allows students to cultivate their skills to do better academically, and gives them the confidence to thrive in every aspect of life.

Sylvan’s list of supplemental educational services grows year after year, continually equipping itself with more up-to-date, advanced curriculums. Sylvan promotes science, technology, engineering, and math with its STEM Educational programs and encourages health science and pre-law with its Ivy League Series. While many schools prefer fun educational courses like STEM, others focus on boosting college readiness with Sylvan’s ACT/SAT/TSI Prep seminars and boot camps or improving STAAR performance and increasing academic growth with Sylvan’s ACE It! Tutoring and SylvanSync programs.

But what if schools want something more than what Sylvan provides? No problem. Sylvan can assist schools to help increase student achievement and campus ratings by creating a new curriculum to assist in the areas of need.

How does it work?

Sylvan builds a new course by first surveying students, analyzing their responses, and then providing clear data of what the student population is needing or requesting. For instance, schools might add a service learning and reflection course for young volunteer enthusiasts who want to become educated, motivated, and empowered to be ethical and involved citizens. Others might add Sylvan’s Personal Statement courses to teach students how to write clear, cohesive, and heartfelt personal statements for their college applications. Some could opt for Sylvan’s Leadership, Networking, and Public Speaking courses, which teach students how to effectively speak in public, as most lack the tools or confidence to do so with ease.

Sylvan recognizes that all schools are different and as a result tries to accommodate each with individualized programs.

Where can your school find the funds to provide these supplemental programs?

Sylvan works within the guiding principles of the school’s current grants and funds. Through funds and grants, such as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Gear UP, Migrant Education Program, Texas Title I Priority School, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, school improvement funds, and discretionary funds, to name a few, schools are able to add supplemental educational programs accordingly.

This and every school year thereafter, how will your school keep students meet their academic goals?

As new school year scheduling begins, add Sylvan Learning to your 2020-21 school budget. For more information on Sylvan Learning programs and school partnership opportunities, call (956) 682-9800.

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