Taking It in a Whole New Stride


Footworks: Taking It in a Whole New Stride
Krystal Krenek

Footworks Performance Shoe Store of Harlingen is in more than the business of athletic footwear; Footworks centers on promoting health and activity in our community.  Owned by physical therapists Jun and Edith Ellorimo, Michael Bedolla, and physical therapist assistant Crystal Rainey, Footworks has resulted from individuals who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and who live that out on a daily basis.

Just about everyone has created excuses for not exercising, from “my feet hurt,” to “I’m too tired,” to “I’m just way too busy.”  However, the knowledgeable staff at Footworks feels a major hurdle to committing to an exercise regiment, whether that is walking, running, biking, or other physical activity, is being comfortable in properly-fitting equipment.

At Footworks, customers can receive a technical walking/running analysis by professionals that assesses the biomechanics of how they walk, jog, and move to ensure they are wearing the right shoes for their given activity.  The testing starts while wearing their original footwear and also includes a barefoot walking assessment.  The customer walks around in the store and then on a treadmill and has his or her movement recorded.  A squat test evaluates the arches of the foot.  All of the collected data is put into a computer program that measures and analyses the results, which culminates in being fitted with the right shoe for each participant.

Footworks wants to help people find the right shoe for them based on their function and levels of activity, comfort, and cushion needed.  They currently carry a variety of sporting equipment and four brands of shoes and will continue to expand their selection.  Simply picking shoes based on what is good looking or fashionable may not provide the right support, motion control, or proper alignment, resulting in aching feet.  Footworks wants to help you eliminate the struggle to find shoes by showing you what products can meet all of your needs.  What they offer goes beyond sports’ needs.  For those who are on their feet all day in the restaurant, education, or other commercial industries, Footworks can provide you with shoes to help keep you comfortable and moving throughout your day.

The commitment to healthy living is shown beyond the Footworks showroom.  On Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5 am, a group meets at Footworks and starts out on an hour long run that changes courses through Harlingen.  This group shares a passion for exercise and builds a comradery that encourages both their relationships and their healthy lifestyle.  Footworks promotes the free walk-run each month in Harlingen’s McKelvey Park.  Additionally, customers can take advantage of shoe clinics, injury prevention in-services, and running clinics that have had professional runners share their experiences about speed training and the natural running form.  This fall and winter, Footworks plans to hold its own Halloween Costume Run, Turkey Trot, and Jingle Bell Run.  On April 1, 2012, Footworks will have an activity in support of National Runners’ Day.

Jun and Edith Ellorimo, Michael Bedolla, and Crystal Rainey participated in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Antonio in November of 2010, which is when the concept for their hometown performance shoe store began.  After seven months of planning and preparation, Footworks opened in May of this year.  They feel that South Texas has the full potential to catch up with the active lifestyles that are prevalent in places like Austin and Houston, and you shouldn’t have to travel to Corpus or San Antonio to get involved and find sporting products you need.  Thus, they saw the need for this type of store right here in the Valley.  Each owner has a full time job in physical therapy and works in hospital, outpatient clinic, and office settings.  They use their background and knowledge to guide others to help them make the best choices possible.  They are proud to have exceptional employees at Footworks who provide that one-on-one analysis and top quality customer service.

Ultimately, the professionals at Footworks want to encourage people to have fun, stay active, and utilize the Harlingen resources at their disposal.  They have a passion to share for people coming together, building friendships through activity, and staying motivated to pursue sports in a safe manner.  They love to see moms get together and work at staying fit while taking some time for themselves.  They know it takes a true commitment to making time for exercise.  But that commitment results in so many benefits to reap.  And those benefits are not just for professionals and enthusiasts; walking, running, and being active is for everyone at any age, and they encourage people to not be intimated, but to get involved.  And to get a leg up, Footworks would like to help you find the equipment that is right for your body, helps increase your comfort, improves your biomechanics, and limits your risk of injury.  At Footworks, you can get moving while taking it in a whole new stride.

Footworks Performance Shoe Store is located at 2224 S. Business 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen in the Jason’s Deli shopping center.  For more information, call Footworks at 956.423.3131 or visit their Facebook page.