Taking the Lead



Rodeo Dental founder and dentist Dr. Saam Zarrabi is sensitive to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of many in numerous ways. Viewing the reality of the situation through the company filter allowed him to put things into perspective and take action.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Rodeo Dental developed an alliance with Infection Control Consulting Services, a team with dedicated individuals working to provide nationwide services to the healthcare sector to ensure the safety of their patients and staff.

“Since our founding in 2008, our number one core value has been ‘patient safety is paramount,’” Zarrabi said. “Our alliance with ICCS allows us to honor that commitment in this unprecedented time to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.”

In addition to their alliance with the ICCS, Rodeo Dental has developed a rigorous five-part strategy in order to continue to operate safely and effectively. The strategy consists of a patient screening process, elite-level COVID education, advanced sterilization protocols, enhanced PPE equipment, and mandatory COVID-19 testing for all staff.

“As CEO, it’s my responsibility to drown out the noise and ensure the safety of our incredible patients, as well as trusted Rodeo team members,” he said. “Testing all of Rodeo’s team members, including myself, is simply an important tool to potentially lessen the impact of community spread.”

Staying true to their ninth core value, “do the right thing,” Rodeo Dental has gone beyond the existing protocols and chose to implement the most proactive protocol — a frequent testing approach.

The mandatory testing being implemented at Rodeo Dental consists of a test-based approach as opposed to a symptom-based approach. A symptom-based approach is a responsive-centered approach, as it is only facilitated after coronavirus symptoms have been exhibited, and is used by organizations in order to prevent massive staff shortages.

Zarrabi believes a symptom-based approach to testing has caused healthcare workers across the country added stress. Implementing mandatory frequent testing was a no-brainer for him, and so Rodeo Dental went on to immediately test every employee in the company, spanning 25 locations across the state of Texas.

Dental assistant June Alonzo says that Rodeo Dental has taken extra safety measures in order to ensure team members feel safe.

“In the beginning, I was fearful of coming into work, but Rodeo Dental has done such a great job of making us feel protected every day,” Alonzo said. “Even before the virus, we had full PPE and they implemented us wearing our goggles and lab coats. They’ve provided testing for us and have gone above and beyond. I feel really safe here at work.”

All team members are tested regularly by a local laboratory, My Labs Direct, and are notified of any potential asymptomatic cases as well as pre-symptomatic cases. Anyone who tests positive is required to stay home until they are tested again and cleared with a negative result.

“In the role of leadership, it’s our responsibility to assist in trying to solve or at least minimize this problem,” Zarrabi said. “In this manner, we ensure the ongoing safety of patients and Rodeo associates.

“We are confident that we conduct the very best, state-of-the-art testing to minimize any potential patient exposure and to ensure the safety of our offices,” he added. “If these actions prevent one person from contracting COVID-19, the effort was worth it. As I see it, that’s the value of human life.”

As we all continue to navigate the rough waters that lie ahead, one thing is sure — Rodeo Dental is living up to its number one core value. Patient safety truly is paramount, and team members are doing everything they can to portray that in their actions on a daily basis.

“We know that dental care is truly essential to living a healthy life, and with these plans and protections in place, we’re confidently able to safely serve our family of patients,” Zarrabi said.

To learn more about the safety measures Rodeo Dental has in place, visit rodeodental.com.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

Patient screening process

Elite-level COVID-19 education

Enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE)

Advanced cleaning and sterilization protocol

Comprehensive COVID-19 testing for all staff

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