Team Impact


Rodeo Dental is dedicated to providing the community quality with dental care. Rodeo’s outreach group called Team IMPACT educate at schools, form partnerships with local businesses and infuse the community with good energy and vibe. Team members on Team IMPACT are known as Community Outreach Partners. Community Outreach Partners, Ana Orozco and Amanda Gomez sat down to answer questions about their role and why it’s important to Rodeo Dental’s mission.

What makes your role special? 

Ana Orozco: I can help the entire community, both children and adults by giving children educational presentations, sharing how to take care of their teeth and reminding adults of the importance of going to the dentist every six months.

What is the best part of being a Community Outreach Partner?

Orozco: It is that every day I have the opportunity to meet different people with different needs and that I am here to educate and help them.

Why did you decide to become a Community Outreach Partner? 

Orozco: Because I am fascinated by helping people and here I have the joy of being able to do so.

What do you enjoy about working for Rodeo?

Orozco: I like working for Rodeo because Rodeo has great values and they are very dedicated to helping the community, and their patients and employees are their number one priority.

What is the most challenging part of being a Community Outreach Partner?

Orozco: The most challenging thing about working as an educator is that sometimes some people do not give you the opportunity to talk to them or listen to them and it is very difficult to help them.

How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis?

Orozco: Through knowing that I’m making a big difference in the community every time I can help someone.

How do you continue to improve as a Community Outreach Partner?

Orozco: By staying positive and learning new things to continue helping the community.

What suggestions can you give to new Community Outreach Partners? 

Orozco: Suggestions to new educators is to stay positive and not get discouraged — because there will be times when people don’t want to pay attention to you. And never lose that passion to help the community.

How does your personality shine through this role?

Orozco: What stands out the most about my personality in what I do is that it truly brings out my desire to help people and what people like the most is my way of connecting with them, that they see that it is genuine and that I am there to help them.

How do you apply Rodeo Dental’s core values on a daily basis?

Amanda Gomez: I apply Rodeo’s core values by making sure every patient gets the utmost quality care and always leaves with a huge smile on their face.

What has been your biggest contribution as a Community Outreach Partner?

Gomez: My biggest contribution as a Community Outreach Partner would be making sure that each and every patient or potential patient understands the importance of quality dental care.

What is your philosophy towards your job? 

Gomez: My philosophy towards my job is always to learn and give my best so that no one goes without quality dental care, one child at a time.

What role does technology play in the daily activities of a Community Outreach Partner?

Gomez: Technology has a huge role; it’s a great advantage. We use an actual tablet to send and receive information so our patients get exactly what they need.

What does being a Community Outreach Partner look like on a daily basis? 

Gomez: My Community Outreach Partner role on a daily basis is to always be very sharp and just do the best that I can to make sure people feel very comfortable while they speak to me.

How important is the vision of the company?

Gomez: The vision of the company is very important. We need to always be on the same page in order to ensure great success for our patients. Our vision is one of a kind — always wanting more for our patients.

Nathaniel Mata