The 2021 To-Do List:


The 2021 To-Do List:

Scarlett is finally picking me up! I can’t remember the last time she wrote something on me, but I am so excited to see what she will be up to this time around. I try to contain my joy and remain as still as possible.

The first thing she jots down is: My New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 in big letters and underlines it three times. These are my favorite lists! My mind immediately rushes to predict all of the things I think Scarlett might want to accomplish this year. She could travel, be active, attend concerts, spend more time with loved ones, complete her bachelor’s degree, find her soulmate, or even land the job of her dreams!

I quell my anticipation as she walks around the room gathering items that will help with the process. I prepare myself while she’s not looking and flatten out to be as crisp and pristine as possible before she turns around with a pen and mug to the desk and places them beside me.

She sits back, takes a sip of her Dalgona coffee, and then leans forward again to write down her first resolution: Complete 5 at-home workouts per week. What is an “at-home workout?” Scarlett has been spending a lot more time at home, which I thought was unusual, but actually working out in the house is unheard of. I hope she didn’t notice my urge to crinkle in perplexion, and it took every effort to keep my last line from drooping right before her eyes.

I compose myself again and prepare as she writes down resolution number two: Facetime more with Grandma and Grandpa. What? Now I’m really confused. They live right around the corner and usually visit once a week, so why does Scarlett need to video chat with them? I guess I haven’t heard them come over in a while, though. I wonder what happened. Maybe her next resolution will give me a clue.

Spend less time on social media. GO OUTSIDE! She writes in bold letters. Interesting. Scarlett has always been an outdoor enthusiast, and I’ve hardly noticed her glued to her phone very often. Until recently, that is. Something must have happened that has confined her to the house. Is she sick? I hope she’s OK.

I look up into her face to check on her. She does seem a little tired, a little older, a little worn. But under all that she still looks hopeful.

She gives a small smile before she writes the last resolution with a flourish: Make the best of things. There are always silver linings. 

She sits back, takes another sip of coffee, and sighs contentedly. I’m still a little uncertain about Scarlett’s oddly simple resolutions this year, but I have no doubt she is making the best of the situation at hand.

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