Details of a truly dynamic career at the Club at Cimarron


The best job…ever!
Details of a truly dynamic career at the Club at Cimarron
By Kim Espinosa

It is often said that if you “choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a recurring theme for the staff at the Club at Cimarron in Mission, and for Private Events Director Judith Moreno, every event she plans is unique and worthy of attention to the tiniest of details.

With years of event planning experience behind her, Ms. Moreno joined the Club at Cimarron two years ago. Over the course of her career, she has planned everything from small and simple gatherings to grand, lavish affairs. Weddings, in particular, are “what dreams are made of,” she says.

“Simply put, we plan weddings, celebrations of life, milestone celebrations, holiday parties, gala events, corporate events, fundraisers, anniversaries, meetings and more. We plan it all with the same detailed service that each one merits,” explains Ms. Moreno. The team at the Club has over 30 years of experience.

A Valley native, Ms. Moreno joined the club two years ago, lured by the longtime professional leadership team. Drawn by a mutual respect for the Cimarron’s general manager, Steve Bader, she says she has continuously been inspired by his passion to serve both members of the community and members of the Club with his sincere love for the culture of the Valley; he is someone who Ms. Moreno respects and admires as a leader.

She was especially intrigued by the intricacies found in the work of Chef Santiago De La Cruz. “I admire Chef De La Cruz, and love the fact that he cultivates a wonderful herb garden which he uses to marinate and garnish his menu creations, always using the freshest local produce and products available,” Moreno says. “I particularly appreciate his love of food and unique offerings like molecular gastronomy and interactive food stations that are truly unlike anything that anyone else does – simply because he takes pride in making sure that everything has his signature style and personal touch.

I also love that each day the Club bakes fresh breads, cakes and cookies. There is an incredible culinary team at Cimarron, and the kitchen is ample, clean and flawless – always,” she says.

With her expertise planning special events for years before her position at Cimarron, including hundreds of weddings, she considers each event unique and worthy of her full attention and excitement. Ms. Moreno explains how honored she feels to share in such important occasions. “It is exciting to weave the perfect day for someone – one detail at a time,” she says.

Certainly not all event planners can say they have an American flag on display in their office as recognition of their work. However, after First Lieutenant Raul January was unexpectedly called to serve our country shortly after September 11, 2001, Ms. Moreno planned his entire wedding in the span of a week. The flawless event left everyone including Lieutenant January in awe. On September 11, 2005, the flag was flown in her honor for having planned his special day regardless of any obstacles that presented themselves. He even arrived in full uniform to present this special gift to her. Ms. Moreno recalls that poignant moment. “That has been truly one of the most meaningful gifts that I have ever received. To have the privilege to serve someone that has served our country and returned to honor me? This moment was breathtaking, and each time I look at that flag and read the plaque, it reminds me of how meaningful my career has been.”

She is thankful to continue her career as a part of the Cimarron team, whom she also considers an extension of her own family. Especially with a career that requires many dedicated hours, she values the environment at the Club. “We eat lunch together at one big table when possible – just like family.”

The Club at Cimarron has beautiful views and friendly employee partners and members that are also like family. Even beyond the importance of a strong and supportive team, Ms. Moreno notes that each day she enjoys the ability to create something that satisfies all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Cimarron is an impressive club that values its reputation of integrity and excellence; therefore, rest assured that when you select this venue, an experienced and professional group of individuals will take each event to a level beyond expectation.