“The Best of All”


Arri Fitness Offers Luxury Gym Experience in McAllen


“Luxury” might not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking about going to the gym. At times, members may have to jockey for access to machines and equipment, struggling just to get the opportunity to sweat.

Barbara Guerra and and her partner, Antonio Esparza, M.D., are looking to change that notion with Arri Fitness.

“Arri Fitness is not your average gym,” Guerra wrote in an email. “We’ve taken the gym experience to the next level and I use the word ‘experience’ purposefully.”

From a modern, clean interior design of the gym itself, to incorporating the latest equipment in the workout spaces, Arri Fitness is going above and beyond to offer the best services possible to its members — right down to the cold, eucalyptus-infused towels

“When you come to Arri Fitness, it’s an experience from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out,” Guerra wrote. “We offer an immaculate club with luxurious amenities. It’s designed to inspire and motivate. I want being at Arri to be one of the best parts of a person’s day.”

Located at the intersection of 10th Street and Trenton Road in McAllen, Arri Fitness officially opened March 5.

“The response has been tremendous,” Guerra wrote. “People have been waiting for a gym like Arri to open.”

Potential members shouldn’t wait too long to join, though. Guerra says Arri Fitness will cap its membership after a certain point to preserve the luxury experience.

“We are not depending on mass membership at Arri,” she wrote. “Our focus is on quality, not quantity. That allows us to maintain our exclusivity, which is a hallmark of Arri Fitness.”

Arri Fitness offers four membership plans to choose from. Paid in full, plus tax, a month-long membership costs $80, three months are $75 per month, six months are $70 per month, and a year is $65 per month.

Barbara Guerra, managing partner

In Greek, “‘arri’ means ‘the best of all,’” Guerra explained. It isn’t difficult to see all the ways Arri Fitness is striving to provide the best gym experience in the area.

“From the moment you walk in the door, you realize you are in a unique and luxurious space,” Guerra wrote. “Every detail, every medium and texture used, every color has been carefully thought out. I designed Arri to feel like a home.

Guerra even incorporated artwork in the gym from local artists she loves.

“One of them, Fernando Giron, did a piece just for Arri Fitness with a saying that I think embodies the spirit of Arri, ‘May you be so happy you do not know if you are living or dreaming,’” she wrote.

“After personally trying out every piece of strength equipment and cardio machine we could, we decided on Life Fitness and Hammer Strength for our strength area and Matrix and Octane for our cardio area,” Guerra wrote.

She added that the screens on the cardio machines can show members content from streaming services as well as cable TV — and even members’ social media accounts. On treadmills throughout the gym, walkers and runners can also display different locations from around the world on their screen, exploring places they’ve never been as they exercise. Another machine, the Zero Runner, duplicates the experience of running without adding strain to joints.

In addition to state-of-the art equipment, personal training services, and a developing selection of classes, one of the most exciting innovations at Arri Fitness is the Queenax Functional Fitness System, Guerra says.

“It’s a unique functional and suspended bodyweight training system designed to get people moving using different ranges of motion,” she wrote. “The only one in the Rio Grande Valley, we will be offering classes as well as some small group training on the Queenax. Functional fitness is relatively new. The main goal is to get your whole body and all of your muscle groups working together for real-life activities. Bodyweight exercises are a great choice for achieving gains in strength, flexibility, and overall health and are a super efficient means of exercise.”

To learn more about Arri Fitness, visit its website at arrifitness.com or call (956) 540-7088.