‘The Best Service Out There’



Lacks offers the best shopping experience from any furniture store and fosters the customer’s visions for their dream home by providing excellent customer service and the best variety of quality furniture.

“When it comes to service, our customers get the best service out there,”  said Francisco Flores, store director for Lacks in Laredo.

Consultants make sure to listen to the customer and focus on their needs and have established over 86 years of trust in the community. From easy credit financing with Lacks, free decor consultations, and gold star delivery, they make sure the customer is well taken care of.

No matter what the client’s budget might be, there is something at Lacks for every furniture shopper — including items for budget shoppers. In addition, Lacks carries the highest quality of furniture found in the Valley, and is known to provide long-lasting furniture for generations.

“The benefits that our customers receive by Lacks having such long and strong relationships with our vendors has to do with the selection that we’ve got, the value of product that they’re getting, and also the pricing that we get,” said Brad Richardson, store director for Brownsville. “Because of the fact that we have in-house financing, that gives a customer the benefit of being able to finance their needs.”

Spending time at Lacks has proven time and time again to be the Valley’s best furniture shopping experience.