The Business of Art, and the Art of Business


Cherry Sanusi: The Business of Art, and the Art of Business
By Krystal Krenek

Cherry Sanusi owns multiple businesses in Brownsville, catering to creative arts and meeting the needs of her clientele through printing, publishing, and storage.  Sanusi is well versed in putting far more than words on a page.  Digital Print Shoppe offers commercial digital printing services for both large and small print jobs.  Sarah Book Publishing is a comprehensive, alternative online publishing company.  RGV Art Online provides artists a place to mass-produce digital copies of their work and showcase them in an online gallery.  Ms. Sanusi also opened Jonah Storage Mart, a climate-controlled storage facility, which she feels is a necessity here in the Valley.

For Digital Print Shoppe, digital printing is the modern technology alternative to offset printing.  Digital Print Shoppe operates a vast selection of equipment with the latest technology, and it is the only print shop in the Rio Grande Valley offering UV coating.  For a top quality finish with a professional sheen that protects the finished product, UV coating is the process of applying a clear liquid over the printed surface and curing it with an ultraviolet light.  Additionally, Digital Print Shoppe handles large format printing, custom print work, and professional folding and cutting services.  Ms. Sanusi aims to provide superior quality services at an affordable cost.

From business cards and flyers to brochures, booklets, manuals, stationery, notepads, forms, postcards, and posters, Digital Print Shoppe promises a fast turnaround time and even a pick-up and delivery service to make creating custom products effortless for their customers.  Printing is available in a glossy or matte finish, as well as on canvas.  To ensure your business and personal printed materials stay completely up-to-date, order in the quantities that meet your needs – not in bulk, which can be mandated by other printing services.

Sarah Book Publishing is a product of Sanusi’s desire to help local writers be more successful.

“Writers need a place to get their work published.  There are many book publishers, but it’s not an easy market to crack.  Good material is always in demand, and our focus is to provide the extra personal service that is sadly lacking with so many publishers today,” Sanusi states.

RGV Art Online allows artists to upload their artwork to create digital copies of their paintings and sell them through an online gallery.  Cherry Sanusi wants to exceed her customers’ expectations of typical customer service and launch profitable careers for local artists, painters, and graphic designers.

When Sanusi moved to the Valley, she saw something lacking in clean, safe storage facilities, so she opened Jonah Storage Mart.  She designed her business around the kind of storage facility that she would want to use.  In each of Sanusi’s businesses, she has ensured that the services she offers stand apart from their competition in quality service and online appeal.  She has a heart for her customers and a mind for her businesses that have allowed her ventures to prosper and thrive with her dedication and creativity.

Cherry Sanusi was born in New Jersey.  She was raised in Nigeria, Africa, where she met her husband, Dr. Oladayo Sanusi.  The young couple moved to New York together.  Ms. Sanusi graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration as well as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York.  Eventually, the Sanusis made South Texas their home.  Dr. Sanusi, a nephrologist and internist, opened his medical clinic – Oladayo A. Sanusi, MD, PA – in Harlingen.  They have two young children, William and Sarah.  The Sanusis have made their balance of career and family an art form in its own right, which is reflected in the creative passions they pursue.  They truly understand the business of art, as well as the art of business.

Sanusi’s businesses are located at 85 Industrial Drive in Brownsville, and she can be reached at 956.982.7887.  For more information about their services, visit their websites:,,, and  Dr. Sanusi’s clinic is located at 1901 Pease Street in Harlingen, and he can be reached at 956.364.0200.