The Business of Scrubs


Letty Torres has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur.  She captured images of her future and locked them away in her mind as inspiration for the business she would one day create. “The word ‘imagin’, the name of my business, is actually something I came across when I was younger and going to college,” said Torres. “I saw a movie, heard the name, and I fell in love with it. I told myself that one day I would have a business and that’s what I would name it. “ It is these moments of reference that pushed Torres to open Imagin Scrubs Healthcare Apparel in November of 2012.

Born and raised in Primera, Texas, Torres is a Valley girl at heart. Following college, she began her 13-year career as a banker for Bank of America. That job eventually took her to Dallas and Chicago where her travels allowed her to meet various entrepreneurs who left her encouraged and motivated to one day open her own business in the Rio Grande Valley, a place she considers her roots.

“Traveling opened my mind to a different world as far as diversity and culture. I got to see how people could live when they have a successful business. When I was in Chicago, I met different people that were entrepreneurs, and they were very proud of themselves, they were very happy and that encouraged me to one day follow those dreams and open up a business.”

Torres, who began the business from home, specializes in healthcare apparel, specifically medical scrubs that are made for comfort, functionality and style. She provides a variety of color options and fits that accentuate both the male and female body. It is what differentiates her from other uniform stores. While providing the perfect pair of scrubs for each customer is important to Torres, she cares most about the relationships the company upholds with its clients. Torres enhances the client experience by providing the convenience of mobile services, where aside from the retail store, she makes personal visits to fit employees and take special orders.

“There are a lot of people in the medical field, and there are really not a lot of medical scrub uniform stores in Harlingen. I am one of two scrub stores, and I can provide a service for something that is in demand. That in and of itself motivates me. I know that if I’m here and committed to my customers, I’m already delivering the service. The company message is … we care for those who care for others.”