The Business of Scrubs


Over the past year, Torres has come upon many growing pains. One of the toughest challenges she faced was running a business on her own with no prior experience.

“I was confronted with all the responsibilities of running a business and that became a bit overwhelming,” she explained. “There were so many facets involved, like the money I invested to run the business, paying the sales taxes and employee taxes on time, and meeting the demand as my business grew. Maintaining a professional environment has also been challenging because it requires consistency and commitment from my part to accomplish that.”

Torres educated and trained herself every step of the way, which required time and patience on her part. But in the end, the sacrifice was worth it. Regardless of the challenges that have crossed her path, Torres remains optimistic. Family and faith encourage her to stay focused on the present and to take things one day at a time.

“I live everyday by focusing on the problems of that day. I try not to think about the obstacles that I might be confronted with in the future. I have to keep a positive view. I have to keep going and not let anything discourage me because that causes business failure. That’s what’s kept me going forward.”

As for the future of Imagin Scrubs Healthcare Apparel, Torres would eventually like to expand and have a store located by the hospital. She’s taking baby steps to get there, but knows that each step is bringing her closer to making her vision a reality.

“I look forward to the day when I can run my own company from home. I’d like to have enough people working for me that I can be in and out of the office and able to do everything else that I want to do, like being more involved with my daughter. That’s when I’ll see myself as being truly accomplished.“

When asked to describe her business in three words, Torres did not hesitate.  With a smile and an air of confidence, she replied, “They are commitment, loyalty, and drive.”