The Clear Experience



It’s dinnertime, and the aroma of food fills the air. Once you sit at the table, you’re tempted by a mouth-watering range of steamy dishes. The first bite is full of flavor — with an unexpected and unwelcome spike of pain. Additional chewing turns a yummy dinner into a grating ordeal. After trying to eat, talking hurts because of the sharp pain in your jaw. By bedtime, you’re exhausted, but it’s difficult to sleep because you’re having trouble breathing. This scenario can occur due to problems with your teeth or jaw. But thankfully, Rodeo Dental has been helping patients with all types of dental irregularities, and continues to do so with their Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign is a clear mouth guard that adjusts to the patient as needed.

Though braces continue to be an effective form of orthodontic treatment, Invisalign does the same job while also allowing for cleaner teeth, removability, clear smiles, and no need to change your diet. But while dental aligners similar to Invisalign can be purchased online, it’s essential to have personalized aligner management and individual care that only a trained orthodontist can give.

“When you come to the office, the doctor gives you a treatment plan. A lot of times when you order online, there are a lot of occasions when you don’t know if they’re doing the right job. If you have a short root [in your teeth] and using online aligners, you can actually lose your tooth,” said Juan Bautista, a dental assistant at Rodeo Dental. “When you come to Rodeo Dental, the doctor checks the roots of your teeth, checks to see if you need space in between teeth, because if you’re using online aligners, you won’t know if you need additional treatments to help straighten your teeth better.”

According to Bautista, shifting teeth with periodontal disease when a patient’s gums aren’t healthy, can make tooth and jaw problems worse.

Utilizing Invisalign under the supervision of a dentist keeps your teeth safe as your smile straightens.

“[Invisalign] has been around for a few decades now,” said Dr. Suliman Salman, Board Certified Orthodontist at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics. Salman said that Invisalign’s aligner technology to straighten teeth is at the forefront of orthodontics and he’s proud to be using it at Rodeo Dental.

“The fact that you’re getting the Invisalign aligner is a big deal,” he continued. “They do have some patents on technologies that are just not available anywhere else. … That’s why I love working with Invisalign.”

A doctor recommended that Amy Garza, an adult Rodeo Dental patient, use Invisalign. Although she didn’t need to fix her smile, she needed the treatment to address issues with her jaw.

“It was something [that] I preferred because, you know, being an adult, you don’t like to see braces,” Garza said. “It’s pretty discreet.”

Matthew Sandoval, a teen patient, has had a better experience with Invisalign than braces. His teeth wouldn’t hurt while eating when using Invisalign.

“I remember when I had braces, when I took them off, my gums were all swelling because I wasn’t able to clean them,” Sandoval said. “[Invisalign is] a better option than braces.”

According to Invisalign’s website, the aligners can treat overbites, crossbites, gap teeth, open bites, crowded teeth, baby and permanent teeth, and crooked teeth.

“People will come and ask, ‘does this work for me?’” Salman said. “To be honest, it’s for anyone.”

The orthodontist added that everyone’s teeth move at different speeds. In his experience, the average treatment takes six to nine months to complete.

Salman’s primary concern is that when people order similar clear aligner products online, the experience often lacks medical oversight. Invisalign only works with certified orthodontists. Getting Invisalign treatment through a dental office keeps the patient’s health in mind.

“If you get that [online] product, [it] might work for you, it might not,” Salman said. “There is a risk for it causing you harm, too.”

Garza says she prefers coming to Rodeo Dental for her treatment because she can speak with an orthodontist in person about any questions she might have.

“My doctor here has been able to coordinate a lot of concern that I had with my dentist and formulate a treatment plan that has been most beneficial for me,” she said. “I don’t think I would have gotten the same type of improvements or adjustments that I needed if I had done one of the online ordering [systems].”