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It seems that when the work week is nearing a close and we plan to get away for that long awaited respite from the normal grind, places like San Antonio, Austin, the Texas Hill Country, or other far off places come to mind for that much needed break!  Many Valleyites don’t ever think about or even consider what the Rio Grande Valley, and the Lower Laguna Madre specifically, have to offer.
The Lower Laguna Madre boasts hundreds of square miles of extremely shallow bays and estuaries with some of the best fishing and birding action in the world!  One can spend a lifetime combing the waterways and shorelines never to be disappointed.  Heading out with the sunrise and the anticipation of a tight lined fly rod or heading back to the dock with the sun setting over a shoreline covered in Spanish Dagger and South Texas brush, definitely recharges the body and soul.
Clients coming from outside the RGV consistently tell about their envy towards the local residents and their close proximity to such a magnificent attraction.  It seems that I have had more clients that have ended up making places like Port Mansfield, Arroyo City, Laguna Vista, and South Padre Island their home after a few days on the water.  On the other hand, there are clients that have lived in the Rio Grande Valley for years never having even wondered what the waters of the Lower Laguna Madre hold as they gaze the horizon while crossing the South Padre Island Causeway on their way to South Padre Island.  In most cases though, all leave the boat dock with a new or renewed outlook on Mother Nature and how she has provided us with such a “fantastic” place to live and play!
Stalking two of the most sought after species on the Texas Coast, Redfish and Speckled Trout prove to be the highlight of such an outing on the Lower Laguna Madre.  Speckled Trout for their uncaning ability to push the sight fishing angler’s presentation skills to the limit.  Redfish for their strong bursts of speed and long runs that often get most fly fishing anglers into the backing of their reel.  An outing for the seasoned fisherman may call for a special change in venue to target the even more challenging species of Tarpon and Snook!
The next time you are at your desk or behind the wheel on your daily commute to/from work  keep the Lower Laguna Madre in mind for that much needed break.  Whether or not you are an outdoorsy type of person.  Hop aboard a guided tour of our wonderful bay system.  Whether it is a sunset, birding, or fishing charter the Lower Laguna Madre will amaze you!  Capt. Mark Becerra aka The Flats Guide has enjoyed these home waters his entire life and his passion for not only catching fish but having an all around great experience that will leave you excited to book a return trip!
Capt. Mark Becerra is a fly fishing guide that fishes primarily out of Arroyo City area but docks out of Port Mansfield and South Padre Island as well.  Having fished the Lower Laguna Madre since childhood his knowledge of the backwaters will surprise you.  Whether casting at tailing fish in less than a foot of water or sneaking up to photograph small alligators that occasionally come out of the Laguna Attascosa Refuge shorelines, your heart will pound with excitement.  Graduating from the University of Texas in Brownsville in 1995 with a degree in Education Capt. Mark can also help the novice angler to success!
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