The Million Dollar Artists


Other artists echo this sentiment of empowerment and pride.

“It feels kind of weird, because there are a lot of prestigious people bidding on artworks,” said Reyes David Toledo Cavazos.  “I know everything I did is worth it and hard works pays off. Thinking that one of them is going to buy mine makes me really proud.”

“It’s my work.  I did it,” said Samantha Diaz, IDEA incoming senior and first year participant in the fundraiser.  “People are going to buy it.  I’m proud.”

“Not everybody gets to say they got their work sold at an auction for like six hundred bucks,” said Myra Gallegos.  She participated in the event last year and had four pieces up for grabs at this year’s gala. “I can’t even afford myself right now, I’m so proud of myself,” Gallegos joked.
“This experience is once in a lifetime. Well, twice, because I was in it last year.”