The Nest at Valley Baptist Health System  


Valley Baptist Health System has taken a new approach to defining the labor and delivery experience for mothers and families throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Miriam Longoria, director of women’s services at Valley Baptist-Brownsville, said enhanced comfort coupled with comprehensive, highly specialized care provided by the region’s most experienced labor and delivery teams are all hallmarks of the Nest at Valley Baptist Health System.

“At the Nest at Valley Baptist Health System, we’re here to help you feel safe and comfortable from the moment you step into one of our labor and delivery units in Brownsville or Harlingen,” she said.

Valley Baptist recognizes that preparing for a positive birth experience starts well before delivery. To help prepare for delivery and beyond, Valley Baptist offers several educational classes to ensure expecting mothers and families have access to the latest childbirth information and education.

“Childbirth and breastfeeding preparation classes are truly one of a kind at Valley Baptist. Classes are free and open to all parents, regardless of where they choose to deliver their babies,” Longoria said. “While we would love the honor of delivering everyone’s baby, we recognize that we have a service to provide to our community and open our doors to anyone who is looking for additional information and education to better prepare themselves for the birth experience.”

As expecting mothers prepare for their deliveries at the Nest at Valley Baptist Health System, they can count on receiving safe, compassionate care from some of the most experienced nurses and health care teams in the Valley, Longoria said.

“Valley Baptist has a strong foundation of tenured staff in Women’s Services. We are truly blessed to have the ability to choose the absolute cream of the crop from our local nursing programs,” she said. “We have several students who apply as ‘Team Members,’ who work and learn on the floor while they are going to school. We get to see firsthand those that stand out and shine in their programs and then bring them on as fully fledged Registered Nurses once they graduate. Getting their feet wet as team members has really helped to make them strong new graduate nurses.”

In addition to solid foundations in providing safe, compassionate care, Nest staff and health care teams hospital wide are constantly training and receiving education to deal with obstetrical emergency situations that may arise before and during delivery, Longoria said.

“We have a great perinatal education program that runs quarterly simulation drills for obstetric emergencies such as hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and shoulder dystocia. These drills are interdisciplinary and include staff from all over the hospital,” she said. “Obstetrical emergencies can truly happen anywhere, and we want to make sure our hospital staff, especially the emergency departments, are equipped and prepared to deal with an OB emergency should one arise.”

The Nest’s comprehensive care extends to highly specialized Newborn Intensive Care Units staffed and equipped to care for Valley Baptist’s tiniest patients.

“Valley Baptist-Brownsville and Valley Baptist-Harlingen are both designated by Texas Health & Human Services as Level III NBICUs,” Longoria said. “For our expecting mothers, this means that your tiniest bundle is likely to receive all the care they need right here in the same hospital where mom recovers. Many of our patients choose the Nest at Valley Baptist because they know there is a much less likely chance of their baby needing to be transferred out if they need neonatal care. Everything our expecting mothers may need during childbirth is right here.”

While experience and training for staff and physicians are integral to providing outstanding care to expecting mothers, Longoria said that offering compassionate, individualized attention for mothers and babies is an important part of the birth experience at the Nest.

“What sets us apart is our couplet care model. We strive to keep mom and baby together as much as possible,” she said. “We also approach every delivery with an open mind and collaborate with our physicians to make sure that each mother’s delivery wishes are accommodated within reason and as safely as we can with the safety of mom and baby in mind. We most definitely want everyone’s birth experience to be as memorable as possible, and we strive to make those cherished memories.”

With Valley Baptist-Brownsville celebrating its centennial in 2023 and Valley Baptist-Harlingen rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary in 2025, Valley Baptist Health System has been at the start of generations worth of birth stories throughout South Texas. Being a part of so many families is something that is cherished at the Nest, Longoria said.

“Valley Baptist Health System has been serving our community for more than a century in Brownsville and nearly 100 years in Harlingen, and it is an honor and a privilege for us to be there at what can be considered the most special time for these mothers and their babies,” she said. “This is their journey and their birth experience, and they have given us the special opportunity to ensure a safe outcome for mom and baby. We are humbled by the opportunity and cannot wait to deliver another century’s worth of babies in the Rio Grande Valley.”

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