The Right Fit


Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is vital for boosting your confidence and getting the look that you want. Making sure that you find the best surgeon for the procedure you want also ensures your safety and can save you money in the long run. On the other hand, choosing the wrong surgeon can lead to unsafe conditions for your health, botched procedures, pain, and thousands in medical and “fix-it” costs. Doing the proper research on multiple cosmetic surgeons will help you confidently choose the best surgeon for you and your body.

Here are five tips to help find the best cosmetic surgeon as informed by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery:

Make sure that the surgeon is board-certified in cosmetic surgery. Being board-certified means that the surgeon has gone the extra mile to be trained, educated, and certified in the area of cosmetic surgery. Keep in mind that there is a distinct difference in being certified in plastic surgery. Ask the surgeons you’re looking into if they are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and double-check their credentials for verification.

Research their training, education, and expertise. A doctor’s scope and scale of education and training should be transparent. Make sure you have access to their complete education, medical training, fellowships, residency, and even their resume, if possible. Extensively ask the surgeons you’re researching about where they trained and for how long.

Know the extent of the doctor’s experience of conducting the specific procedures you want. Do you want a rhinoplasty, but the doctor you talk to tends to specialize in breast augmentations? Do you want a tummy tuck, but your doctor primarily performs facelifts, ear lobe surgeries, or other facial procedures? Obviously, you want the procedure to be performed by a doctor who has completed it successfully many times over. Find out how many years the doctor has conducted the specific procedure you want, how they trained for it, and how many times they have performed it.

Look at before and after pictures. Before and after photos should be visible online for patients to see, and be taken with the same angle, position, and lighting so you can see the true difference their procedures made. Be wary of surgeons who don’t showcase their handiwork, and don’t trust photos where the patient is standing or lying differently in their before versus after photo. Also look at photos to see if the doctor can meet your expectations for the overall aesthetic you want as your outcome. It is helpful to focus on pictures of patients who are most similar to you in body type and structure.

Look at reviews (with a grain of salt).

Customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms can give you a good idea of what the facility, doctor, and staff are like in terms of their customer service, results, cleanliness, professionalism, and more. However, be aware that there may be both positive and negative biases in some reviews. Some reviews may be written by friends or family members connected to the facility who exaggerate their experiences to help their loved ones’ business. Other reviews may be written by competitors or those who are impossible to please (even if they were provided excellent service) to poorly reflect the facility’s reputation.

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