The South Texas Health System Wound Healing Center


The South Texas Health System Wound Healing Center has emerged as a healing space, offering innovative treatment options, including hyperbaric medicine, to rescue patients from the risk and dire consequences of limb loss.

Chronic wounds can significantly impact the lives of those afflicted, leading to prolonged pain, reduced mobility, and an increased risk of infection. In very severe cases, sometimes the only option to prevent the spread of infection and save a patient’s life is amputation. However, thanks to the STHS Wound Healing Center’s pioneering efforts, amputation is no longer the only answer.

“Our main job is to prevent amputations,” Dr. Ricardo Sobrevilla, STHS Wound Healing Center medical director, said.

Dr. Sobrevilla explained that due to the high rate of diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley, many of their patients are being seen for diabetic neuropathy and diabetic ulcers.

“All the complications associated with that include amputation,” he said.

“Primary care doctors don’t always know how to treat those types of wounds, so we are here to help prevent the complications that come from those wounds. That’s why we’re an advanced wound care center.”

The center’s dedication to providing advanced treatment options differentiates it from traditional wound care facilities. The healing process is significantly accelerated through hyperbaric medicine, a non-invasive procedure where patients breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber.

“Normally, we breathe in 21% oxygen, and at this point, they’re (patients) breathing in 100% oxygen,” Dr. Sobrevilla said.

“That helps with a patient’s bad circulation issues and also helps create new vessels, new arterial capillaries at the base of the wound. It helps fight off infection and has a lot of benefits.”

The increased oxygen levels stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities. That ensures that the wounds that once defied treatment now have a chance to properly close and heal.

The center’s most commendable quality is its collaborative approach to patient care. Physicians, wound care specialists, and hyperbaric experts work together to create a tailored treatment plan for every patient. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of a patient’s condition are addressed, leading to a higher success rate.

The STHS Wound Healing Center’s commitment to research and development is evident in its continuous pursuit of innovative techniques and technologies. Staying at the forefront of wound care, the facility constantly evolves its treatment methods and offers the most effective and up-to-date solutions.

“We have access to the latest technology and the latest research to offer our patients the best treatments,” Dr. Sobrevilla said.

The impact of the South Texas Health System Wound Healing Center on our local community cannot be overstated. Individuals who once faced the prospect of losing a limb now enjoy a renewed lease on life thanks to the remarkable work carried out at STHS.

The center has become a lifeline for those in the Rio Grande Valley through its dedication to delivering advanced medical solutions and fostering a compassionate environment.

“The value you get from the Wound Healing Center is that we offer advanced room care modalities that most primary care clinics and surgeons don’t offer,” Dr. Sobrevilla said.

Selene Guerrero