Three Ways to Own Valentine’s Day if You’re Single in the RGV


There’s nothing worse than bitter singles on Valentine’s Day.  If you belong to the Lonely Hearts Club, celebrate your single status and find comfort knowing 44 percent of the American population is a member, too. To help you avoid the minefield of high expectations and low results on Valentine’s Day, here are three ways to celebrate being single.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, for every 100 single women, there are 88 unmarried men available.  


Go to a single’s event

There’s no shortage of celebrations to keep your mind off lovey-dovey status updates and public displays of affection at your favorite weekend watering holes.  There is always a handful of bars in McAllen’s entertainment district serving Anti-Valentine’s Day specials, so pick your party and dance the night away, even if you’re dancing alone.  Ironically, these Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are ideal for meeting like-minded singletons.  If the downtown club vibe is not your thing, join the culture of barflies at your local dive bar.  Dive bars are well known for being places where single strangers congregate. Who knows? You might not be alone on Feb. 14 after all.   


14 percent of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day


Throw your own singles party

With a little creativity and some thoughtful planning, you can host your own singles party.  There are three elements to hosting a successful single soiree: a good mix of partygoers, interactive games, and themed drinks.    


Invite your non-bitter single friends, and ask them to bring a guest who you may not know.  The goal here is not to play Cupid but to get a good mix of friends and newcomers who are open to mingling and meeting new people.  


Ensure your guests will have a fun, memorable night by planning some interactive games to get them socializing.  A white elephant gift exchange is a great icebreaker that’s sure to get the laughs going.  Other popular games for singles include charades, truth or dare, and spin the bottle, if you feel like taking it back to your teenage years.


Every great party centers on drinks, and there’s no shortage of love-inspired libations. Keep it simple with a Valentine’s Day champagne punch or serve a high-octane negroni, which is a bittersweet aperitif sure to loosen up your single partygoers.


Treat yo’ self

Treat yo selfValentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and the first person you need to love is yourself.  This Feb. 14, take the day off from work and do whatever your lonely heart desires.  After all, there’s no one to tell you what you can or can’t do on this fabricated corporate holiday. Instead of that fancy dinner, which you probably didn’t want to pay for, anyway, treat yourself to your favorite cheat-day meal with a side of guilty pleasure.  Go on a shopping spree, put in that extra long cardio sesh, or Netflix and chill alone with a classic anti-romance movie like “Basic Instinct” or “Fatal Attraction.” Whatever you do, make it about you.


The average consumer spends $116.21 on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, be proud of your singleness, and find comfort in knowing you don’t have to do your best John Cusack impression and hold a boombox over your head to express your love for someone. Embrace the fact that you won’t have to plan the perfect date or deal with uncomfortable gift exchanges. This is not a reminder that you’re probably going to die alone, so enjoy the day regardless of your relationship status.


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