Transforming Skin in the Valley


Elan Medical Aesthetics is more than just a boutique spa. It offers a luxurious escape that envelops clients in an aromatic scent, transporting them to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. The immaculate surroundings of the space resemble a five-star hotel lobby with an elegant and muted color palette.

Maria Ramirez, the owner, likes to describe her spa as a place where “luxury meets approachability” due to the wide array of services she provides for ultimate skin health. Clients can find services from modest price points like a basic facial to pricier procedures such as laser hair removal or scalp micro pigmentation. No matter the budget, Maria believes in “welcoming all clients as family and making each customer feel special and seen.”

Maria Ramirez founded Elan Medical Aesthetics in 2022 to provide high-end quality services to her loyal clients. Before starting Elan, Maria worked with renowned plastic surgeons, top-rated dermatologists, and luxury spas, perfecting her skills in skin care and accumulating numerous certifications and licenses. As an expert in Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP), Maria and her team are up to date on all licensing and protocols to deliver cutting-edge results safely and responsibly to their clients.

In addition to her hands-on work with skin treatments and laser modalities, Maria also serves as an Aesthetic Practice Consultant, advising aesthetic, medical, and laser hair removal practices and spas. She even mentors individuals seeking to start or scale their businesses.

Ramirez creates custom plans for clients based on their unique skin types and demanding lifestyles, valuing their time and prioritizing results. “Everything I do is in the best interest of my client,” Ramirez said. “If I can accommodate their lifestyle by jumping on a Facetime consultation to save a trip to the spa, I will make it happen. We are all about serving our clients with the utmost care and service.” Ramirez’s commitment to excellence does not go unrecognized. Some of her customers have been seeing her for 20 years – a testament to her degree of attention and expert techniques.

Hard work, grit, and determination are all pillars Ramirez attributes to her success. From a young age, she was taught by various women role models that success does not come by accident. She has taken these lessons to heart, viewing her business as her “baby” and always going the extra mile for her clients. To Ramirez, “Work doesn’t feel like work – it feels fun. That’s because it’s fulfilling and something I wake up every morning looking forward to doing.” Each day, she feels “privileged to serve the men and women of our community,” this passion and work ethic fuels her through the long days.

As a local, Ramirez understands the importance of protecting skin from the Texas sun. She’s passionate about skin education and helping people find the best products for their unique skin type. “I’m big on skin education, especially in regard to sun protection and exposure,” Ramirez said. She proudly carries medical-grade products like Elta MD and SkinCeuticals that offer extra sun protection while catering to individual complexions and compositions. She takes the time to educate each client on products appropriate to their skin. “I would rather spend the time to find that perfect product for you instead of letting you waste time and money searching for the product on your own,” she said.

Maria Ramirez is a wealth of knowledge and is bringing a new era of skincare to the Valley — one where relaxation and results come together in a truly transformational experience. The ultra-lux environment she has created at Elan is one of a kind and leaves customers feeling more confident in their skin, which is Ramirez’s goal for every client. For more information about Elan Medical Aesthetics and to book a consultation, visit

Caroline Waldrip