Tres Lagos: The New North


When a vision to improve the lives of people begins to take shape in reality, the outcome can be nothing but positive. Mike Rhodes’ vision was to create a master-planned community where people can live, work, worship, and go to school all in one place. He also saw a community that was truly unrestricted, where the amenities were for everyone whether they live in Tres Lagos or not; where people can ride their bikes freely; where residents and non-residents have access to health care, shopping, dining, and entertainment right around the corner from them. As a result of his vision and planning, Tres Lagos offers its residents a truly walkable community.  

Since the grand opening of Tres Lagos last October, things have been moving along very well.

Texas A&M University is one of those entities that bought into Rhodes’ dream of a master-planned community where commercial enterprises, schools, and residential homes nestle side by side. As a result, the Aggie Family is expanding. Texas A&M bought 100 acres of the 2,700 acres that comprise Tres Lagos, and set to building a new campus. That campus is officially opening in the fall of 2018. According to the university, this will “allow students an opportunity to have a unique impact on the growth and development of their home communities without leaving the region to pursue an engineering degree from Texas A&M University.”  

The academic arm of the university saw a need for a campus based in the Valley so that it can fulfill individual student career goals, enhance continued economic development of the region, and help provide the necessary skilled workforce. Texas A&M will tailor the degree options offered to the community and tie the areas of study to issues that matter to the Rio Grande Valley.

All stages of education will be housed within the Tres Lagos community. IDEA Public Schools has already opened a campus in the community. Children within Tres Lagos will get preferred enrollment to IDEA.

“A person will be able to be born here, get the best K-12 education with IDEA Public Schools, go from there to Texas A&M all the way through a doctorate program,” Rhodes said. There is also a 90-acre Tech Park adjacent to A&M, which will attract high-tech jobs. With such an all-inclusive community, someone could live their whole life in Tres Lagos without ever having to leave.

Recent estimations put the number of jobs this community will create at about 6,000 permanent positions. The 90-acre Tech Park will be the source of most of the permanent jobs. However, teachers, hospital workers, firefighters, police, and retail workers will add to that number.  

The pastors of The Family Church also believe in Rhodes’ vision and are choosing to build their third campus right in the heart of Tres Lagos. The idea of being an integral part of a community where people can work, relax, and worship all within walking distance of their home is a win-win situation for the pastors. They are in the planning and development phase of their new church and are excited to soon open the doors of their new campus.

Tres Lagos is perfectly situated as McAllen is poised to grow tremendously in the next few years. And given the community’s convenient north McAllen location, residents have access to health care, shopping, dining, entertainment, and more just minutes from their front door. So far, Tres Lagos has sold 186 homes with more to come. And the price point cannot be beaten. With three distinctive neighborhoods to choose from, the discerning buyer is certain to find the perfect home at the best price.

What sets Tres Lagos apart from other master-planned communities is how the houses are built on the lots. Instead of being neatly lined, they are set at different distances in order to give the home owners the best sight-lines and not have to look into a neighbor’s window. Along with the ways the streets are designed, this gives the community an open feel.

Rhodes Enterprises is the largest mixed-use land developer in the Rio Grande Valley, and seeing Rhodes’ vision come to pass is extremely satisfying for him. As he has said before, “I love building communities. It is all I think about.” And how wonderful for McAllen and the surrounding area that he chose to build Tres Lagos.