Trokiando dropped trucks in the RGV

Trokiando dropped trucks in the RGV

If you’ve ever seen a loud truck with a shiny paint job, usually with a decal to mark a crew or family name, you’ve experienced Trokiando culture. While car culture is a nationwide hobby, the Rio Grande Valley and Northern Mexico love their trucks — dropped trucks. 

So why is truck culture such a good fit in the Valley? It connects Mexican with modern culture on both sides of the river. Style, music, and clothing are a big part of what makes this more than a hobby but a deep and growing culture. 

Luis Chavez, a member of Pro Gear Racing, says the scene is growing more than ever, especially with youngsters straight out of (or still in) high school owning and dropping trucks. “I’m only 26, but I remember when my older brother was into it. It was big then, but now you see kids only 15 or 16 years old coming out with trucks. Back in the day, you wouldn’t have a truck until you had a license. I’d rather them do that than do bad stuff on the streets.”

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