Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville Reaches Centennial Milestone 


As Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville celebrates its 100th anniversary, we feel it is appropriate to thank everyone who has played a role in the profound impact generations of Mercy Hospital, Brownsville Medical Center, and Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville health care teams have had on the health and well-being of the communities we all love.

While we’ve been grateful to celebrate our centennial in 2023, we would be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to, in turn, thank our community and its leaders for trusting us to care for generations of families in Brownsville and throughout Rio Grande Valley, as well as our extended families from across the border in Matamoros and beyond.

In addition to providing award-winning health care for more than a century, Valley Baptist-Brownsville is truly a part of our community’s rich history, which we acknowledge with immense pride.

Valley Baptist-Brownsville’s partnership with our Brownsville community began with the founding and opening of Mercy Hospital July 2, 1923. We became Brownsville Medical Center in 1973 and officially joined with Valley Baptist-Harlingen to form Valley Baptist Health System in 2004.

While our name has changed a few times over the decades, what has stayed the same is that we’ve walked hand in hand with the communities we love through more than a century of history, both local and global. Through the Great Depression, World Wars, natural disasters, and, most recently, an unprecedented global pandemic, Valley Baptist has been a pillar of our community. Through it all, we’ve been here to tend to its health and well-being. We’ve also been a part of the light-hearted times, joining our community for many Charro Days festivities, parades, and countless other celebrations.

As we reflect on our century of being part of this fantastic community, we are nothing short of immensely grateful for the opportunity and incredibly hopeful about the future we all collectively share.

We’ve cared for generations of families here; God willing, we’ll care for generations more. Once again, thank you to our communities for the solemn trust they’ve placed in Valley Baptist-Brownsville, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Valley Baptist Medical Center