Your Online Presence Is Vital – Get a Website Today!


Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.44.49 AMWe read a sobering statistic recently: 46 percent of businesses don’t have a website. Twenty or even 10 years ago, websites were largely optional because people were highly likely to consult a phonebook or drive around looking for what they need. In 2017, when people are doing more research online than ever, businesses are losing those customers to their competition that has an online presence. Vision Media Agency is a locally founded company aiming to give small businesses in the Rio Grande Valley an affordable option to get technologically connected.

“It’s vital to have that online representation, even if it’s just a simple one-pager with your hours and location,” says Gabriel Puente, CEO of Vision Media Agency.  “But a website can be so much more than that. It’s your first opportunity to give customers an idea of what you are about.”

You have windows in your store that you decorate in an enticing way to bring people in. A website is a giant window; it’s your digital storefront. You want to make sure your website is inviting, because it is being judged just like your physical store’s window.


The Right Impression

“Imagine walking by a neglected-looking store with outdated signs up, cobwebs everywhere — personally, I’m not likely to take a gamble on that,” Puente said. “I’ll pass it by to find one that is more likely to provide great customer service.”


If you have a website but haven’t updated it in the last couple of years, you are not only giving the impression that you’re behind the times, you are also missing out on some technology that’s readily available like mobile compatibility and responsiveness. “You really need to update. There are many ways to be mobile friendly in 2017 and no reason not to be,” said Puente, referring to a website’s ability to automatically resize to fit the device being used, whether it’s a tablet, cellphone, laptop, or desktop computer. “Being mobile-friendly shows you care about customers’ experience.”


Value Your Time

There are services out there to generate a website all by yourself, but filling in the information is more of a task than it seems. “These DIY websites give you a skeleton, but like a human being, there is much more needed after a skeleton,” Puente said. “You need the meat that makes it up; you are made responsible for your website’s content — its soul.” Writing copy that really describes your business and capturing solid photos is doable for some people if they have the time to dedicate to it. But most people are busy, and want a fast turnaround. “You’re going to waste so much of your time trying to do it all yourself,” Puente said. “It’s OK to ask for help from professionals.” Do you value your time? Hire a creative team to do the heavy lifting for you.


Hire an Agency

Small businesses may think they can’t afford an agency, but it’s definitely become more affordable in South Texas in recent years. Vision Media agency is a creative team made up of writers, photographers, videographers, and web editors looking to serve those who are not yet comfortable playing the web game. “We are here to help everyone and anyone. We can tell you what is more attractive for your users, how to reach your demographic, direct your photo and video shoots — do what needs to be done to turn your ideas into a real, usable website in a matter of weeks,” Puente said.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.09.03 PMSocial Media Is Not An Alternative

Most business that don’t have a website and just have social media do that for one reason: It’s within their budget. But the amount of information you have on there is limited. You can’t really highlight as much as you can on a website. And, importantly, not everybody has Facebook or Twitter, while almost everyone today has access to the internet and a web browser. “Businesses who only have a Facebook account are missing out on all the people who don’t have an account there, who are trying to look them up on a search engine,” Puente said. “Don’t be one of those.”


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