Welcome to Rodeo Dental


Through its mission to “Give Every Family the KEY to Access High-End Dental Care,” Rodeo Dental has created a place where families in need have the opportunity to receive high-end dental care when it might have previously been out of reach. Rodeo’s mission-driven culture has created an environment of inclusivity and support for the communities in the Rio Grande Valley while changing the perspective surrounding the typical dental experience.

Tita and Raul, two veteran Roadies, as they are called, shared their thoughts on Rodeo Dental’s impactful culture.

Why do you think the Rodeo Culture is key to effectively living out the company’s mission and core values? How does it translate in your day to day?

Tita: Rodeo culture is respect, trust, integrity, growth, and teamwork. The culture impacts how employees interact with their work every day, and it greatly impacts their happiness and satisfaction. When we can do that, it’s transformational to the experience of our patients because you can feel when someone loves what they do, and they are passionate about it. My role as the Upper Valley area lead allows me to be hands-on with this.

Raul: The Rodeo Culture is our personality. It’s who we are. Our culture is a reflection of our company’s core values, and we keep them front and center in all aspects every day. As the procurement and compliance specialist, my workflow is fun. I enjoy knowing that my work makes an impact. It starts with our team interactions and how we treat our patients with compassion and care. 

How is Rodeo Dental boosting that culture for the patients and the team every day on an office level?

Tita: Boosting our culture daily to our patients is my favorite! The first thing we do is welcome them with a big “Welcome to Rodeoooo!” We want to make sure they know that visiting the dentist can be a positive experience. We provide patients with an activity while waiting in the lobby and even have their favorite movie playing in our theater. 

It’s a big celebration when it is their birthday, or we have one of our big bashes. We even have patients take pictures with our dentists and the team! Finally, we end our interactions by always asking them how they felt about their time at Rodeo Dental because we genuinely care about their visit.  

Raul: I agree with Tita. In terms of our team, I think the culture is boosted daily! Every morning our team leader hosts a fun, focused, organized morning team huddle so we can start the day on the right foot, looking for opportunities for collaboration, games to boost creativity, recognizing the wins, and congratulating the team on successes that they accomplish. Starting the day with good motivation lets you transmit and connect with others easily. This is how we engage with our patients on a daily basis, helping them in any need, we listen, we serve and we care!

Why do you believe the Rodeo Culture is so powerful in the Valley?  

Tita: It differentiates us from everyone else. It creates a positive, fun environment for the staff to grow and learn, while impacting a community who truly delivers the message of inclusivity in different ways, and we get to share that culture. We find that a lot of people in the Valley are hesitant to visit the dentist, and we get to change that through originality and passionate team members. After all, “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” 

Raul: Our culture shines through our teams and creates instant connections with our patients because we truly do care about what we do. It makes the Valley a special place to create a large impact within the community because we’ve been accepted with open arms, and the impact will be far greater than just an average trip to the dentist. It has become a conversation about what a traditional dental practice has always been versus the incredible horizons that Rodeo Dental has reached throughout the entire Valley.

Alejandra Tamayo