Women Forge the Way


Gold Financial Services, equality in a financial lending practice means high client satisfaction

Though homeownership is a huge part of the American dream, many find that buying a home is also one of the most stressful things a person can go through. From deciding how much house you can afford, to finding the right realtor to expedite the process, you worry and wonder if you are making the right choices. The complicated process seems to induce stress at every step, but the team at Gold Financial Services, which serves the entire Rio Grande Valley, strives to make that process as smooth as possible for homebuyers by connecting to its clients in a personal way.


“Our top people get really involved and become friends. They’re right there with them,” said Crystal Quintanilla, who has seen Gold Financial Services evolve in the six years she’s been with them. According to Quintanilla, women in this field were typically processors or other support staff in the past, but Gold Financial is changing the narrative from the traditional, male-dominated financial services field into one that is more equally representative. When she came aboard, Quintanilla was one of two women working with Gold Financial Services as a licensed originator. Today, the dynamic organization has 22 licensed originators, 13 of which are women.


A newer trend in real estate highlights the need for a perspective shift in the loan industry. According to 2016 Census Bureau data, women accounted for 17 percent of homebuyers, and 15 percent the year before. Additionally, a survey conducted among homebuyers who purchased homes between July 2014 and June 2015 found that more single women purchased homes than single men. Nancy Woolam, a 30-year veteran in the mortgage field, noted that “a trust develops faster between women. Women understand women’s needs, the demands of family and children.” The women of Gold Financial are in a unique position to connect with this growing demographic of homebuyers.  



According to Quintanilla, the change in Gold Financial’s structure happened naturally; they did not actively try to recruit women into the company, but found more and more female loan officers gravitated to their new offices when they were expanding in the Valley. The new dynamic in the company has a collaborative, family feel to it.


“We have a mutual respect for one another,” Corina Baker said. “You can see it in the smiles, the looks, the ‘I feel you, girl,’ sympathies when we discuss hiccups on our files.” Several of the women at Gold Financial Services addressed the role of leadership in cementing this culture, noting that Will Esquivel, regional manager, offered them career support they felt was lacking in their previous positions.  


“Will allows us to shine. Where I worked before, I was always kind of pushed to the back, assisting others,” Quintanilla said. “Here, Will tells us to go for it and hopes we beat him. It’s been a huge difference.”


Esquivel’s philosophy of family first allows the women of Gold Financial to feel secure in their careers and at the same time, be able to take care of their personal family matters. Since they are commission based, they can set their own hours. However, Gloria Ortegon says that hard work and dedication are required to make a vision into reality, so they find that they work more than they ever have before. The motto at Gold is to provide the best for their clients. Jennifer Sanchez says the only way to do great work is by loving what you do; they’ve found a workplace that allows them to do just that.


The care and nurturing in the office of Gold Financial translates into stronger relationships with their clients, and satisfaction for the women of Gold Financial Services when they can help families in the Rio Grande Valley attain the American dream of homeownership. “It’s awesome to coach a family who might not be ready to purchase, and help them get ready,” Quintanilla said. “When they finally get their home, it’s just amazing. It’s very rewarding.”


According to Isabel Mercado, making the transition to homeownership is emotionally impactful, especially when the move is from an apartment complex where walls separate your neighbors or you have been living with a family member. “Moving into a home that they can call their own is an entirely different experience,” Mercado said. “I have had customers cry at a closing, although some withhold their emotions until they leave the closing and cry in the parking lot.”


With the help of a lender that understands the customers, the home buying experience can be a positive experience for all parties involved. Gold Financial Services is a team that celebrates the connection forged over the course of putting keys of new homes in their client’s hands. “Homeownership gives you that sense of accomplishment, pride, and empowerment,” Mercado said.  Having experienced those positive feelings in the workplace, that’s what the women of Gold Financial Services want for their clients and aim to help them achieve.


To learn more about Gold Financial Services, visit their website, www.goldfinancial.com.