Women in Information Technology


When it comes to any field under the STEM umbrella (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), males make up the majority of the workforce. Over time, more and more women are turning to these male-dominated fields and breaking past barriers to prove that a career is not specific to a gender.

South Texas College continues to provide its students with quality education to continue to ensure their success. Information technology is just one of the avenues available among its curriculum.

As technology continues to evolve, IT assistant program chair at South Texas College, Angelita Elizondo Teniente, encourages others to pursue a career in information technology.

“Technology is everywhere so your chances of finding a good career or a good-paying job is very likely in the information technology field,” she said. “The two main focuses that we have here in our program would be the network systems and the information systems.”

Students at STC can benefit from pursuing a career in this field and receive a certificate or associate’s degree in their desired area of focus.

After taking time off school, IT network specialist Emily Puente is proud to have returned to school and pursue a degree in information technology. Grateful to be back, Puente highly recommends STC and its programs.

“I think STC is doing a really great job,” she said. “The professors know what they’re doing, they’re very nice and very helpful and they know their material.”

Information technology is a promising field with many different avenues. Students receiving their associates of applied science in networking specialist will be qualified to enter the IT workforce immediately after.

Credits earned throughout the degree plan may also be transferred to continue the degree at the next level, Bachelor of Applied Technologies in Computer and Information Technologies degree.

Teniente is all too familiar with students feeling unsure as they think about the career they want to pursue. She understands doubts and questions may arise.

“At times you feel like maybe you’re being held back, but it’s just a matter of pushing forward,” said Teniente. “Be determined to reach whatever goal you’re looking for.”

Well aware of the stereotypes that come with careers in this type of field, she stresses that they could not be further from the truth.

“For any females who might be contemplating getting into the Information Technology field, what I would say to you is go for it!” Teniente said. “Get rid of those doubts, there’s nothing that can stop you, it is there for the taking.”

Under the Network Systems Associate of Applied Science, students gain knowledge in numerous skills.

The program starts off simple with business productivity software and evolves into advanced skills in computer networking, preparing individuals with the skills necessary to succeed in the field upon graduating.

Puente believes the best decision she could have made was return to school and continue her education. There is so much more to gain by going back, she said. For her, it was important to be a role model for her son by staying in school and getting good grades.

“I would say to the women who feel this is a more male-dominated field. If it interests you, go for it and just keep going,” she said.

Just as Puente continues to learn and persist through the program, she recommends that others do the same. Her biggest inspiration? Her son.

“It’s paid off, especially if you have kids,” said Puente. “I’m going to keep persisting for my son —  for my future and for his.”

Learn more about these exceptional programs and essential careers at South Texas College by visiting bt.southtexascollege.edu/persist. Funding was provided through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with Carl D. Perkins Basic funds.


Computer and Information Technologies Specialist Certificate

Information and Network Systems Certificate

Computer Applications Specialist Certificate + ONLINE

Cybersecurity Specialist Certificate

Multimedia Specialist Certificate

Associate Degrees

Information Technology Specialization: Information Systems Associate of Applied Science

Information Technology Specialization: Cybersecurity Specialist Associate of Applied Science

Information Technology Specialization: Network Systems Associate of Applied Science