YES! Time for something different.


By Joe Louis Gomez

A group of ‘younger, fresher’ professionals are seeking to re- invent the concept of network and service in the Rio Grande Valley. Cimarron Club’s newest organization seeks to reach out to young professionals and entrepreneurs who share the common goal to come together, share ideas
and build lasting business relationships. Reserved for business professionals be- tween the ages of 25 and 42, Cimarron’s Young Executive Society (Y.E.S.!) was established last fall to bring young professionals together to network, as well as operate with a mind to give back to the community. The initial idea was to create a more natural and streamlined process when it came to networking by put- ting members out of their work environment and into a more positive atmosphere.
“We are trying to do something different with the way we network. With our age demographic, it’s harder to meet the same people in the industry,” said Elizabeth Ibarra, Cimarron’s Director of Membership and the founder of Y.E.S!. “Because it’s within the club, we already have a set group. We have over 400 members who are business owners and who have their specific vocation or profession. You do have to be invited in order to participate in the group. There will be luncheons and meetings, and allow a platform for each profession.
The group will host its kickoff event on Jan. 17, and is anticipating at least 150 attendees. The group has also selected Rio Grande Children’s Home as the target of its first volunteer initiative. RGCH provides a home for dis- placed children coming from troubled house- holds. Y.E.S! has made it a priority to work with at least 26 children by offering supportive services during critical times.
Y.E.S.! will also bring in motivational speakers, and after every event will have a suggestion box so members have input on what they would like to see in future events.
“We are younger. We’re fresher,” Ibarra said. “I think what’s different about us. We have the structure, being our main club. We have the people who are ready to be part of events, and our committee who has been working every week to try and bring this up. These same professionals are helping about 26 kids who are now living at the Rio Grande Children’s Home.”
Membership benefits will include access to Y.E.S! monthly networking mixers, as well as an invitation to the group’s quarter luncheon, which will act as a platform for selected businesses to feature their specific product or industry. Access to key business leaders and executives is one of Y.E.S!’s strongest benefits, Ibarra said.
“My thing was meeting as many key people in the community, and that’s what we’re focusing on,” Ibarra said. “We have a group of key people in the community, with key professions and leaders in their industry, which other groups can’t give you.”
“We want to do something different because when you attend a lot of these, it has a tendency to get mundane. This is not what we are looking for. We want to make it fresh, new and different and people will be drawn to it because of the changes that we have made.”
Y.E.S! was founded by the Club at Cimarron, and acts as a group within a group within the club. Those who want to participate in events, mixers or socials do not need to be a member of Cimarron, but still need to be invited by an established member to attend. Membership at Cimarron allows participants to join the group’s committee and central group.
“We know this is going to be something great, it’s just a matter of starting our first event and getting everybody here,” Ibarra said. “Non-members can participate in two events per month, after that you either have to become a member of the club or Y.E.S! group in order to continue participating being part of group events.”
For those seeking more information on how to join, they may stop by the Cimarron located at 1200 S. Shary Rd. in Mission TX or call (956) 580-9868. Membership information is also located online at