For entrepreneurs, it’s important to solidify a brand for your company. Branding will give your business a personal voice and ultimately give your company reasons to be recognized. People will acknowledge your business philosophy and soon, you will start to dominate the market of your product or service. In a world controlled by technology, there lies a plethora of opportunity to build your brand name online for free. So why not capitalize on it?  

Facebook Live requires only video capability on your smartphone, an internet or strong network connection, and a Facebook account. When you choose to live-stream, Facebook records in real-time and allows the audience to actively participate with likes, comments, and questions.

According to Brightcove, Video Analytics, social videos generate 1,200 percent more shares than images and text combined. It’s no secret that videos connect viewers to your brand and is a great way to engage new potential clients.

Recently, RGVision Media has had the pleasure of doing live videos for current clients with much success. The great thing about Facebook Live is one, it’s free, but two, it allows for future clients to finally ask you all the questions they’ve been meaning to ask you without leaving their home or scheduling an appointment. Optimum convenience for the customer means an overflow of engagement. Connecting people to your business with a platform that is part of the public’s daily life is the best thing for your business. So now that we’ve set the stage for this amazing marketing tool, we’d like to continue to share with you the top 10 reasons Facebook Live needs to be part of your marketing and advertising strategy.

  1. Events streamed live. Nothing beats going behind the scenes. People enjoy being a part of something they wouldn’t normally get a chance to see. It’s also a great way to increase awareness about community events or allow people to participate in an event they couldn’t attend in person.
  2. Connect directly to the audience. People love Facebook live because they can engage with the person on camera directly and from the comfort of their home. It lessens the intimidation of asking questions face to face and eliminates the sometimes impossible hassle to make appointments during scheduling conflicts. While you are on camera, questions and comments are streaming that you can respond to. Nothing beats this kind of engagement.
  3. Content is completely unique. Unlike scheduled posts, which crafted and designed well could have awesome engagement, Facebook Live is totally exclusive. The viewers are guaranteed to see, hear, and participate in something that has never been posted on your page. It is also completely unique to your product or service industry. There is no way a competitor will be streaming exactly the same thing as you.  
  4. Cost effective. The best part about this tool is that it doesn’t cost anything.
  5. Facebook Analytics. Facebook provides the user with detailed analytics of how well your video did, including how many people were reached, how many views your video received, and the number or reactions, comments, and shares. This information helps your business to gauge how well your video did.
  6. People will watch (lots of people). The recent FOMO (fear of missing out) craze does have merit because people really don’t want to miss being a part of something. Once a Facebook Live has started, people online will be alerted. In most cases, people are clicking away to be part of the action.
  7. Great interaction. The greatest thing for both the viewer and the streamer is the chance to interact with the audience. Unlike scheduled posts, you as the entrepreneur see the engagement as it happens. When people comment or ask questions, you have the opportunity to answer them on the spot, and talk back and forth with the customer. People also love hearing other questions answered they might have asked themselves.
  8. Creates more excitement around product releases. If you have a new product, you can not only post about it, but show it off, giving live examples or testimonies of how it works or why it helps. People will never miss new products or services again. They will also be more enticed by the product or service and more likely to recommend and buy it themselves. Any questions about the product or service will also be answered right then and there.
  9. Facebook Live acts on your behalf. Although there are many video options out there to promote your video, Facebook is well developed. Your fans or clients are notified when you’re about to go live. Facebook will even allow a page to promote a live video in advance, giving users the option to set reminders through Facebook so they don’t forget to tune in.
  10. Facebook Live playback option. Once done with the video, you have the option to save it to your page’s video roll. Now people who missed the live video can always go back to it, see the questions asked and hear the answers. Facebook continues to measure the amount of views the video receives after it’s gone live.


RGVision Media recently did a Facebook Live for Pace Academy in Harlingen, live-streaming a class in session — the first of its kind. There was an amazing response from parents researching schools for their children. Even current parents loved watching their kids in action. Please check it out on Facebook at Pace Academy, Harlingen. If you think your business could benefit from a Facebook Live with professional camera equipment, contact RGVision Media today at (210) 618-8930. Don’t wait to get the engagement you’ve been waiting for.