Your Home, Your Way


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own home, then you’ve dreamed of the features it would have — the architectural style, the floor plan, even the color of the walls.

Eliseo Garza Jr., partner and builder for Caza Group, lives those dreams as his reality. Growing up the son of a mason, the magazines he collected as a child were all about homes, filling his imagination with blueprints and materials and building concepts. With 13 years of construction experience and a background in real estate and flipping houses, Garza knows what homeowners want. It’s everything he would want in a house, too.

Caza Group might be a relatively new name to the Rio Grande Valley construction industry, but the company aims to leverage innovation and expertise to bring clients a new way to build custom homes.

“I want to shift the whole building experience in the Rio Grande Valley,” Garza said. “We saw a void in the market when it came to architectural design and consumer satisfaction. I want to create something that people want.”

Caza Group partner and engineer Armando Castro Jr. is instrumental in realizing that vision. With a background in tech and a nose for good business practices, he understood the niche that Caza is filling in the region.

“There’s room for innovation. Upgrading the homes to this new age of technology is making the home more relevant to today’s needs,”Castro said.

Caza offers a unique way for clients to pick the house plan that’s right for them: collection lines. The Timeless, Exclusive and Signature packages cater to different budgets and boast bells and whistles designed to delight and impress.

Each of Caza’s packages are transparent, inclusive ways to make sure the client knows exactly what they are getting. The Timeless package — Caza’s standard home — includes 8-foot doors, quartz or granite, and many other features that are luxurious by any measure. The Signature package, the collection line Caza’s model home belongs to, includes everything the other packages have and more: an 8-foot-tall fence, metal or clay roof, designer tiles and light fixtures, just to name a few. Make sure to visit their featured model home at 1711 Red River Ave. in Edinburg.

Caza Group would like to banish the days of clients sweating over paint swatches and tile samples to the past. Just like you’d trust an intricate operation to a qualified surgeon, clients can trust crafting the look, feel, and flow of their new home to the homebuilding professionals at Caza Group. Clients can expect to come to the Caza office and see color and material combinations that already work seamlessly together because they’ve been hand selected by Caza. Then, the client will choose their favorite from those curated selections.

Caza utilizes high-quality materials and products, this dedication functions both as quality control and a point of pride for Caza Group, which is passionate about beautiful, livable, functional homes.

Everything’s thought of, including smarthome capabilities using the latest technologies and products available. A home should complement clients’ increasingly connected lives — right down to strategically located ethernet jacks and IT cabinets.

Caza Group’s packages, curated selections, and forward-thinking approach all contribute to a stress-free homebuilding experience. Clients can expect expediency, communication, and efficiency throughout the process — without compromising points of personalization.

It’s your home, after all, and there’s nothing more important than home.