The World’s Gone Digital. So Should Your Brand


2020 was the year that made these words become such a staple in our day-to-day vernacular both at home and at the office thanks to the rapid growth in demand for more creative ways to “connect” with the outside world while many of us quarantined in our makeshift “bunkers.”

Through the pandemic, all sorts of devices, softwares, and apps rose to the occasion to make life and work easier to get through, providing digital and virtual experiences that mimic the real world to the best of their ability.

It has become quite clear that there is no better time than now to embrace what this digital age has brought to the table when it comes to things you can do for your brand or business. So much so that it has become more than just a digital age — it is an uproar.

At The Digital UpRoar, we focus and specialize in providing state-of-the-art solutions by putting brands in people’s hands — literally. How?

One way is by creating stunning virtual tours that don’t just let the user “walk through” a house or business like most other tours. Our custom-branded premium tours allow your clients to click and interact with all sorts of elements like pop-up videos, Google Maps integration, social media profile pages, scavenger hunts, pre-generated emails, and other features. Virtual tours aren’t just for real estate — think showrooms, hotels, Airbnb properties, event centers, museums, retail stores, restaurants, gyms, construction sites, and more. While much of the population is still nervous to go anywhere other than work and home, let us create a beautiful, interactive virtual tour for your business that is easy to send to anyone so you can get that digital foot traffic you may be missing! Just wait until you see our tours through a VR headset. One word: Epic.

Another wonderful thing about the 360-degree footage we capture is that we can also create weeks (if not months) of engaging, post-worthy content for your social profiles. It is time to stop posting paragraphs of words that people will just skim over and let us create some cool and fun custom content using high-quality production and head-turning effects.

Want to try our mixed reality solutions? Think of the game Pokémon GO but for your brand. We can do that.

Doing live events? Ask about our 360 live streams that can stream directly on your Facebook, YouTube, or website, letting anyone feel like they’re actually there at your event all from the comfort of their home or office.

Tired of your boring business card? We do custom digital business cards. I haven’t had to print boring business cards in months because I always carry my digital card that lets me network and interact with leads, wowing them and getting their emails instantly right then and there. Don’t let your card end up in the trash or stuck at the bottom of someone’s desk — put it to work.

We’ve also partnered with The Sign Depot, a local premier sign company. Together, we can turn almost any printed sign into a digital marketing piece where people can tap or scan your sign and interact with your brand in full digital glory.

So what is The Digital UpRoar? We are a boutique digital agency à la carte that doesn’t just “think outside the box” because who needs a box in the first place? We don’t believe in being traditional and we definitely don’t subscribe to cookie-cutter, lifeless, and ineffective solutions. In order to be ahead of your competition, you need to be ahead of the curve. The Digital UpRoar can help get you in the right lane and put that pedal to the metal.

We started in Los Angeles and felt the RGV would be a great place to provide local businesses some wonderful solutions for their brands.

It’s easier and more affordable than you think to get started. Check out our website or call our number to find out about all of the exciting and effective ways we can help bring your business up to date since, after all, the world’s gone digital — and so should your brand.

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The Digital UpRoar

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RC Cepeda