Transforming the Home-Building Industry 


Founded by Mr. Ross Khaledi over 25 years ago, ARIVA Homes has transformed the home-building industry. In 2020, driven by the innovative spirit of Mr. Khaledi’s sons, Rasoul and Aidin, established a vision of excellence and innovation in South Texas, better known as ARIVA Homes. As an award-winning company, ARIVA Homes is a direct reflection of outstanding customer service and superior construction. Our dedication to excellence across South Texas can be seen in every aspect of our work. We have a proven track record of close to 1,000 homes being built for many commercial and land development projects. We believe in not only building houses but also communities and relationships.

Our expansion into the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) two years ago from Laredo reflects our commitment to growth. We aim not only to construct homes but also to foster vibrant communities and long-lasting partnerships, and that’s why we are here to stay. ARIVA Homes symbolizes reliability, excellence, and a customer-first approach. We pride ourselves on creating an unparalleled home-buying experience, ensuring every customer feels valued and satisfied.

Nicole, a longtime satisfied Ariva Homeowner, decided to put her faith in ARIVA Homes; we wanted to share her story with you directly.

“We purchased our first home with ARIVA Homes. No complaints, we were given the utmost care, and any issues that arose was handled in a timely manner. Even after purchasing our home, we still feel we’re being listened to and cared for. We highly recommend ARIVA Homes. Thank you, Team Ariva, for the awesome customer service & Jonathan, for always being attentive!”

Aside from seeing our clients’ joy and excitement once we’ve helped them find the home they’ve always wanted, one of the most gratifying parts of our company is getting to know and working with our trade partners. We are actively looking to lock arms and work with more people to help handle the ever-growing workload as we continue to expand across our state. The more talent we can find, the more people we can help, like Nicole.


Another aspect of ARIVA Homes people get to witness is ARIVA Ayuda, our 501C3 Nonprofit Corporation. You can see our team every year volunteering to help hundreds of people in great need, delivering hundreds of turkeys to families for Thanksgiving, with up to a mile-length of cars waiting as early as 4:00 a.m. to come and meet us. We also host our yearly Christmas Toy Drive, where we give hundreds of toys to children looking for a gift from Santa Claus. In moments like these, we shoulder the privilege to help others and be a symbol of hope for many families looking for help across our community; we are blessed to be a blessing.

In-House Success Stories 

At ARIVA Homes, we have a staff of over 60 qualified employees ready to help our clients. We strongly believe in personal and professional development. We actively promote from within as we regularly invest in our people. For example, we have had two construction managers display the best of their field knowledge and skills and were promoted to production managers. You can also find our former office manager in the field with our agents as our new sales manager. We believe anyone can achieve these milestones. We are here to challenge our employees and help them become the type of people capable of being the best versions of themselves.


We have recently upgraded the lens through which we view the landscape of Marketing. Our graphic design, web development, video production, talent outreach, CRM, and marketing strategies have significantly transformed. One of our biggest pride is showcasing to our community who we are, what we do, and what we’re all about. Nothing exemplifies that vision more than our cinematic videos; the quality and story-telling capabilities of these carefully crafted films take you through a journey unmatched by the status quo in the market. Our Giphy account (where you can access our ARIVA Homes stickers or “gifs”) has reached 72,400 people across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Messenger, IG Stories, WhatsApp and many more platforms. Not only are our stickers fun to use, but they have also helped our SEO ranking through strategic keywords and hashtags, increasing the relevance and popularity of our name and services. Outside of digital media, when it comes to outreach, our Realtor Mixers have become so popular that we’ve re-launched our gathering events as Networking Mixers to the point of filling up a 3,000-square-foot model home. As a direct result of this new expansion, we now gather entrepreneurs, business professionals, lenders, Realtors, and business owners to join our community, expand their network, and bring more business to each other. It’s the perfect environment to have an incredible time and reach a diverse audience in different professional fields.

ARIVA Homes is more than just a name; it’s a South Texan Culture whose reputation as a pioneer in the field continues to grow every year. With the momentum we’ve acquired through the past 25 years, we will continue to excel in home building, commercial, industrial, multifamily, and land development projects. We invite the Rio Grande Valley to join us in our journey as we pave the way to the future, setting new benchmarks in our industry. With ARIVA Homes, you’re not just buying a house; you’re being welcomed into a culture with deep-rooted family values you can trust. We invite you to discover why ARIVA Homes is the ideal choice for your dream home and experience the meaning of everything we represent because, with us, quality isn’t just a standard; it’s a way of life.