Giving Back to the Community


Family-owned and -operated businesses may be the oldest type of business and are a core component of economic growth. The Family Enterprise USA Report estimates that family-owned and -operated businesses account for 87% (32.4 million) of all businesses in the United States. Family-owned businesses contribute 54% of the GDP ($7.7 trillion) and employ 59% (83.3 million) of the U.S. workforce.

One of the oldest family-owned and -operated businesses in the Rio Grande Valley is Boggus Ford. Since 1933, Boggus Ford has offered a large selection of vehicles to the communities of McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville — and continues to be a successful dealership in the RGV. This mission started with J. Lewis Boggus, founder of Boggus Ford. Now, Bob Boggus has taken the reins, currently serving as president of Boggus Ford. He has expanded his family business with many innovations.

General manager Robert Lucio attributes the success of Boggus Ford to their practice of always treating employees and customers as family. “It’s better at Boggus Ford, because this is a family-owned business that is always taking care of its employees and customers,” Lucio said. “As an employee, we always give 100% and this company is always giving back to the community. Mr. Boggus is always giving back to the community — it’s his way of helping others and it’s what he was taught to do.” 

Bob Boggus is an active member of the community and has served in various positions, such as chairman of McAllen Chamber of Commerce. He also promotes education by providing annual scholarships and has been recognized as McAllen’s Man of the Year due to his hard work and dedication to the region — and support of nonprofit organizations. 

“Mr. Boggus is always giving back to the community,” Lucio said. “He doesn’t expect any recognition — it is always better to give from the heart. Many people don’t know, but Mr. Boggus is always helping his community. He does it because he likes helping.” 

Lucio, who has been employed at Boggus Ford since the fall of 2019, says he is proud to belong to such a company.

“At Boggus Ford, we always give the customer the best value for their money,” he said. 

However, the business suffered alongside other companies in the RGV during the pandemic. 

“Boggus Ford suffered this past year just like many other businesses,” Lucio said. “We had to downsize due to our vehicle shortages. We didn’t want to cut back our employees, but it was necessary. We kept working hard and at the end, it paid off: We were able to bring back our employees and we continue to take care of customers and our families.

“Mr. Boggus has taught us that we should never put profit before people. His humanity and humility is what helps us to always give 100%.”

Janie Briones