McCoy’s Building Supply


A sapphire anniversary is a celebration associated with joy and prosperity. It’s also what customers at McCoy’s Building Supply experience after shopping there.

In April, the Harlingen location of the supply company marked its 45th anniversary with a grand reopening to celebrate the full remodel of the store.

“Our motto is ‘To make life easier for those who build,’” said Bo Ortiz, McCoy’s Building Supply store manager. “We take pride in that. Just as we like to invest in our customers, McCoy’s is always investing in our stores.”

Founded in 1927, the Harlingen location of McCoy’s Building Supply is among the 90 throughout the state, and is the oldest in the Rio Grande Valley.

Prior to the anniversary reopening, McCoy’s spent five weeks remodeling the store by upgrading the lighting, redoing the flooring, moving the shelves around and bringing in different products to give the store a completely new appearance.

“This was the first one built, and they wanted to do an uplift on it,” Ortiz said. “We’re bringing these new products in and making sure we take care of our customers and provide for their needs. Customers who have been coming in for years tell us it looks amazing.”

Ortiz has worked for McCoy’s since 1995. He got his start as a part-time employee in the same Harlingen location he has been managing since 2009 after working his way up to his position.

In this time, Ortiz has seen many changes to the store, including the conversion from fans to A/C. The parking lot transformed from a caliche pit to a concrete yard, Ortiz recalled.

“These are upgrades and reinvestments that made things better for the store’s team and our customers,” Ortiz said. “I love what the company stands for and how they treat us.

“We’re not just a number to them; we’re a family. They make us feel important.”

That level of investment McCoy’s Building Supply puts into their stores and employees matches the service the store provides to customers, Ortiz said.

“When they reinvest in stores, they want to make it easier — more fulfilling — for our customers to come in, shop, and find what they’re looking for,” Ortiz said. “Whether it’s a DIY customer or a contractor, we want to make sure we have what they need to complete their projects.”

For Ortiz and other employees at McCoy’s, customer service is the most important factor for anyone shopping and working on a project. That means making sure McCoy’s does their part in helping customers.

“That’s who we are; we want to make sure they have what they need,” Ortiz said. “When they come in here, they’ll get a one-on-one service with a team member who helps them and shows them we have the knowledge to explain what it is and how to use it.

“We don’t want our customers to come in and feel lost. We’re here for them every step of the way.”

According to Ortiz, the store has customers who have been consistently shopping for over 30 years.

“We know a lot of them by name because that’s what McCoy’s is — building relationships,” Ortiz said. “You walk in here, get greeted as you come in, and get approached and shown around the store because while you’re here, you’re our priority.”

Ortiz predicts these relationships in the Harlingen location and other McCoy’s Building Supply stores will make a lasting impression.

“This company thinks ahead,” he said. “We’ll see what the needs of the people are and use that to continue providing for customers. For anyone who hasn’t come to McCoy’s, come visit us and see what friendly customer service is about.”


Jose De Leon III